Saturday, July 23


i'm guilty, guys.
i am.
guilty as sin.
i'll confess:
i'm guilty of being a total sucker for sexxxy macaroni, man!!!
i got some five color farfalle bowtie jauns,
and they were too damned cute to ignore,
and almost too damned cute to actually eat.
when my little italian marinaras are in the building,
they always request specific delicious dishes,
which is flattering, to say the least.
and when fun vacation dad is in his expert element,
AND there's adorable pasta in the offering?
good things abound and the al dente toothsome tastes
teem across our tongues.
check the fresh-to-farfalle-type teleport:

orange, green, white, red, AND yellow!!!!
we got great northern white beans,
we got big sliced-up stewed tomatoes in juice,
we got bouillon, onions, garlic forever,
fresh picked oregano, greek oregano, and basil,
nootch, white wine vinegar, bay leaves, GPOP, salt and pepper,
and whole lot of good intentions, warm wishes, and positive vibes.
family togetherness is my favorite,
and family-style family dinner reflects it.
garnished with parsley sprankles,
and activated with a sprig of oregano flower buds,
good lookin' food sets the example to these teens, y'feel me?
they gotta learn about how really real participants get into it,
when it's time for the gettin' after it to really get going...
food is the central focus around which we plan our days.
we have a whole lot of time in between each feast,
and there's a holy sh!tload of stuff that gets stuffed
into every second of those spans-
but when we all come together, it's the very best part,
each and every time.
our first family dinner was a success.
that's positive.
our first family breakfast is about to pop off, too.
there are super-puffy double-flake buttery cinnamon rolls
baking right this very moment.
i'm excited.
we're excited.
there's fresh bread cooling on the rack,
there's buns looking for a heavy glaze,
and there's this whole houseful of good people here with me.
it smells great,
and feels better;
never quiet, never soft.....

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