Saturday, July 23


herbity-herb crusts are a pretty reliable combination of crucial components,
and when there's dinnertime constraints on the time portion of the preparation?
a little cornstarch, coupled with some key ingredients,
can really upgrade a meal into something special.
on thursday night,
i was still riding high on the dumpling scene,
with wriggly ropes of noodoo salad slithering on the periphery.
i wanted more of that,
i'd already eaten it all-
i had no choice but to move on, and make something new.
i mean,
i'm not gonna chump out and sit out a meal time.
i fried up some garlic, and seared some asparagus in olive oil,
and let those two get to know each other better;
and i shredded the holy sh!t out of a pair of cabbages,
added parsley and pea tendrils,
a scoop of vegenaise, black pepper, and lemon juice,
for a very mellow, very satisfying crawnchy cole-style slaw on the side.
that's not the herb-crustiness i'm talking about though, duders.
check the teleport:

there it is!
a stack of seitan seaks, rubbed down and fried up,
in smoked paprika, hot paprika, GPOP, smoked sea salt, pepper,
toasted sesame sossamons, and a little pinch of cayenne.
the base floury stuff is corn starch, like i said earlier,
and it held it all together something fierce.
seitan steaks, tho!!
i'm sayin',
they're thick, they're crazy juicy, they're crispy on the outside,
and they're covered in grilled leeks.
green oniony mild and masterful understated great rings of thin-strippin' tastiness
are basically what i want to be happening most of the time.
...that's the truth.
what's up with all those sweet little tomatoes?
their job is to keep coolin' it off, man.
besides, rainbow colors make tastier plates.
rules is rules,
and ugly food is not invited over here.
i'll stay old and busted, but the nourishment game has to steady represent
the new hottness forever and ever.
on the ones,
once you go rainbow vegan splendor,
everything else is total bullsh!t.
not the most labor intensive meal i've ever made;
yet, it was one of the tastier solutions to the time-sensitive light-out
night-encroaching limits of evening repast blastin'.
it's cool, kids. \
be it eleven minutes or eleven hours-
it takes as long as it takes to get expert on all the things we get into
here in the woodsly goodness,
and especially within the worthy walls of my Folk Life & Liberty Fortress.
behind closed doors,
i'm gettin' it.
and then, of course, i'm presenting through digital electric binary bobotronics
to you and everyone you know.
the thing about that is-
you're a part and party to it,
but you apart from the party of it.
i miss you, or, i'd like to,
but i might not even know you yet.
it's all really happening,
and you're more than welcome to participate.
cooking and eating and sharing are the path, man.
it's clearly marked, and the route isn't all that arduous.
i'm here.
we're here.
we're doing what we do,
and there's always room for MORE;
never quiet, never soft.....

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