Thursday, September 29

better to stay underground.

i was walking around,
with crabtree, of course,
through the high hills of my homely neighborhood,
and thinking about getting into some new and exciting sh!t.
nothing dangerous,
mainly just thoughts about leaving this remote mountain hole,
and maybe heading out into the wider waking world for a bit.
almost immediately upon entertaining ideas about the unfolding folio of folk life
outside the weird walls of my Folk Life & Liberty Fortress,
i stumbled on THIS little A*-hole:

i know, right?
that's one hell of a hard-style harbinger.
crabby didn't sniff it out first,
despite it's inside-outside butthole.
....and as i looked at it- vole? shrew?
i knew only one thing for certain.
he should've stayed underground.
i'm curious, kids-
do you think it's an omen for my bright ideas?
or just random circumstance overlapping along the lines of my
spiderwebbed interconnective sensitivity to grey-mattered information?
the minute this little sad and unfortunate jerk left his unhappy hovel,
he ended up pretty damned well worse off than if he'd stayed in the cave.
i couldn't help but be a bit bummed by the timing of my discovery.
that's all i'm saying.
nobody likes to be reminded of the consequences of big decisions.
and definitely not before the right action has even been decided upon.
i don't want to die with an exploded butthole,
neither literally nor metaphorically.
for serious.
that means, for today at least, i'm deep into my routine,
making bread,
and walking the terrible terrier,
and languishing in the movie-checkin' heck i call work these days.
it's ALL really happening,
like it or not, and until my A*-hole is stronnger,
or my attachment to it is less corporeal,
i guess this is what it is going to be like:
work and more work, and in between,
something very similar to living,
only, underground,
albeit well above sea level.;
never quiet, never soft.....

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