Monday, September 19


i do a lot of tattoos.
that's the good and bad thing about being versatile and a capitalist:
there's always work to do,
and it's just so flippin' hard NOT to pursue it.
...and that comes a the expense of free time;
although it should be only ever called spare time,
since each and every precious second is expensive.
i'm spending my time to make money,
and that's categorically the opposite of a wise investment.
i'm serious.
that's real.
if the way you spend your money
doesn't positively affect the way you spend your time?
well, then you're misspending BOTH.
...and that's not cool, neighbors.
what do we do about that?
i'm not so sure i'm all that far off of the mark when i say that
i've been burning up my reserves and resolve,
in a pre-collapse peak-oil-type blind-spot paradise-
circling in overlapping concentric story arcs
and overactive hard-working holding patterns
fraught with frenetic and frantic fury on the short term stage of What Is,
without holding any hope towards an improved longview
regarding the continued productive purposeful legacy of
spirit and memory for some time now.
here's the much shorter version:
i'm tired of always working, while time decays and degrades all of life's joys,
so when i finally take a second to look around,
all i see are the ill-willed aftereffects of a half-emptied hourglass.
NOW you get it, right?
what will i do about it?
that's just the thing-
i'm so F*ing busy, it'll be a long march of minutes before i can catch my breath.
i know,
i bake a lot.
at 5 a.m., though,
and with crabtree trying to imbed himself up my A*-hole,
like an attention-sucking suppository,
well before anybody else is up and at 'em in these here parts.
i'm not even getting all that extravagant at dinnertime.
the absence of light is darkening the doorways that lead to those few small victories.
i'm sitting in the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress,
baking scones and bread,
while the woodsly goodness bathes the rain.
i do a lot of tattoos.
that's real.
i DON'T do a lot of cool ones.
i've got one good one every day, at least, for the rest of the week.
it comes at a cost, but it also pays for itself.
i need a new exchange rate.
hard currency;
theoretical futures;
gold bouillon;
silver ingots;
sands of time;
maybe even social currency....
means and values, more and more and more.
too much is the right amount,
but in the inverse of the universe that's collapsing around me.
that's what i'm seeking;
never quiet, never soft.....

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