Sunday, September 11


chocolate creme pie.
if you can't hang out,
you're an A*-hole.
that's it.

it's smooth as heck,
and twice as tasty.
it's got chocolate and cocoa and chocolate and cocoa,
and then a little more chocolate and some cocoa, too.
everywhere, inside, outside, top to bottom,
it's a brown on brown on brown big business barbaian blast of burly sugars
and deep darkness for your face.
real talk.
about 1.5 pre-packed stacks of chocolate graham crackers,
plus a punch of sugar,
and a whole mess of melted butts (like 4T)-
with a little vanilla (1tsp)
and a little non-dairy milk (2-4T),
pressed into a pie pan, or glass pie dish, sure, you sticklers-
and baked for about ten minutes at 350F,
and you've got yourself a crust, neighbor.
the filling is what's poppin' though,
and by now,
you should all have made some of it for yourselves.
i mean,
NOT indulging in dopeness is like volunteering for a dousing in doo-doo butter.
.....don't do that.
1 block of silken tofu, pressed and drained.
i pkg chocolate chips, plus 2 T non-dairy milk, melted,
with 2 tsp vanilla,
and 2 T cocoa,
and i got a little frisky, and i added 2 T tapioca.
that's all there is to it,
processed into a puree,
and poured into the pan,
where it chills out until it sets up,
so you can send it in.
chocolate butthole pucker ganache ridges keep it real,
(from the top, intact, it's pure wrinkle dot)
and chocolate frosting fills in the blanks,
just so it can get turned the F* up to eleven
with a great glut of grated dark chocolate sprankles.
you know the score-
too much is the right amount.
and everything else is just kidding around.
no sleep has got me seeing things.
no dinner has got me feeling things.
and no good will come from a pairing like that.
today is the day,
and i can only hope it won't be too long of one.
odds are, though, it's going to be a rough ride on a rocky road with the wrong tires
and tired treading through troughs that trip me up.
i'm crossing my fingers, as i uncross my eyes,
and while i didn't check the schedule,
i'm willing to bet that since yesterday was expert,
right up until dark, when things went sideways off the sidewalk and into harm's way,
today will be a real heavy-handed invoice,
delivered directly,
to call in the dues,
and cash in the debt,
of almost enjoying one mostly good day.
it all always costs something,
and i'm blinking away sleep so i can see the total,
and factor in a gratuitous gratuity for the parts i actually enjoyed.
this is it, kids.
my best moments have no segue into my worst.
i heighten the contrast between black and white with a wrench.
if you know, you know;
never quiet, never soft.....

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