Thursday, September 1


time was of the essence!
i had a haircut appointment i desperately needed to keep
(i can't be lookin all haggard and homeless in my headface,
while i'm hangin' out and about in my dirty dog-walkin' duds)
i also had a powerful hunger,
and a cantankerous hankerin' for something salty and spicy to eat.
the thing is,
i only had about 45 minutes to make both happen.
what do we do when time is of the essence,
but it's equally essential to soup up something sensual for supper?
cue the spicy noodoo bowl, bro.
a big bowl of ramen noodz only takes like 3 minutes to cook,
just eating noodoos isn't the way we get into it, is it?
not even when there's not a whole lot of time to spend.
we ball out, all out, even in the simplest of things.
rules is rules, neighbors.
it became all about making sure all the prep was in place in advance,
and getting a workable plan in order, so that the systemic sequence of
sear and saute was executed correctly.
how'd i do?
you tell me-
check the nood-type-teleport:

a bed of baby spinach, with the edges lined along the lip with tendrils of pea shoot!
the ramen hottness laid down on that,
and got accented with cucumber, fresh basil, and leafy cilantro fronds....
there's red onion and carrot, seared and softened,
grilled leeks, grilled garden-fresh stringbeans, broccolini florets, and red cabbage, too.
all of that.
GPOP'd and soy sauced, with a modicum of black pepper, and that's IT!
raw shishito peppers, and scallions, garnished the top,
but the standout star, far and away,
medallions of super-delicious tempeh magic,
sizzled in chili oil, and juiced up with a bit of broth, boiled away,
and glazed with some soy, rice wine vinegar, ho' sauce, GPOP, liquid smoke, and agave!!!
that's what's up.
how good is it?
i brought the leftovers to the hairdresser spot.
(no, i don't go to a barber, c'mon)
and they said it was the best stuff either had ever eaten.
word up.
that's the truth,
and i'm glad of it, too-
i like my food,
but i like it even more when impartial peoples freak out over it even harder!
time is short around these parts,
even though the nights stay late,
and the mornings keep getting earlier.
there's a sort of fugue that surrounds the first and last hour of awakefulness,
and i'm not sure that's the best thing going,
but it seems to lull crabtree into a state of charmed calmness.
it isn't easy, at all,
but it's what our time together looks like at the moment.
i've got a fresh trim-up,
which means less hair in so many many ways.
i've got treats and i've got work and i've got a job to do.
this is part of it,
you're a part of it,
and we're part and parcel of a party of people who participate in all of it
as all of it really just so happens to happen....
today, tomorrow, always;
never quiet, never soft.....

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