Tuesday, September 13


it's been too long since i last tuned up a tableful of mise en place.
and kneaded my needs into circles of sexxxiness.
i had to remedy that situation.
i HAD to.
i can't let time pass by without addressing the desires and wants
of my ever-more-emaciated face and frame.
i'm too skinny NOT to terrorize a tray of pizza, neighbors.
that's what i'm talking about.
i gotta have it.
i knew that ahead of time-
dough i'd already bulked twice and hooked-up
was cold proofing for hours and hours before i got home to handle my business.
and when i got home?
i missed the golden hour by an hour.
i mean it.
the light was gone, but the pizza was still LIT AF.
real talk.
check the teleport:

wordimus prime.
i don't love the yellow light that my indoor nighttime craptacular stage has set up on it.
this pizza is delicious, even with filtered artificial light's jaundiced jauns.
tempeh bacon cubes!
multicolor garden-fresh gifted tomatoes!!
broth-braised brocclini bits!!!
purple and plain ol' potato chips!!!!
all spread over daiya mozzarella, on a seriously semolina-style crispy crust.
i baked the heck outta my babies at 475F,
on steady rotation in the convection scene.
i like it crawnchy, bro.
it's cool.
the dough for the pizza?
1 1/2 cup a.p. flour
1 cup semolina
2 tsp salt
1 T fast-acting yeast
1 T wheat gluten
and 1 cup warm water, plus 3 T,
and 1 tsp regular yeast,
with a pinch of sugar.
^^^^^^it worked,
it had an on-point flavor and texture,
and i only made two pizzas,
but the dough would've enough for three.
that's the way it works.
speaking of-
check the buff-crush-type teleport:

buffalo style seitan!!!!
ho'sauce and vegenaise and butter and GPOP and pepper and paprika
and more other nother ho'sauce and cayenne make that wheat-meat say HECK YEAH!
with crushed tomatoes,
daiya mozz', underchee', kale, yellow tomatoes, caramelized onions,
black pepper, and scallion sprankles????
that's expert.
it's not enough for me.
you know the drill:
too much is the right amount,
and taking it to eleven is better than a perfect ten every time-
so there's hot-fire buffalo crema drizzled on top, too.
failing light is not a failure in practice,
but only in principle-
the days end when they end, a minute or so earlier until the end of december.
it's regularly scheduled intervals of devalued brightness.
i should be able to budget my time
so that my documentation of foodstuffs doesn't look budget
due to unforeseen force multipliers at work,
my small tattoos were big, and my big tattoos were even bigger.
the schedule was confusing,
and more was asked of me than what i was readily prepared for.
that's what  changed the timeframe,
which in turn changed the timeline,
which ultimately had me eating after dark.
nothing was worse off for the delay except for the pictures,
and i can live with that.
in principle, however, i'd like to always be AHEAD of schedule.
leading the day by the nose,
and surging across finish lines before everybody else-
unless it's the realm of sweet love we're talking about.
a tie, or even a slightly delayed finish would be fine in those circumstances.
that's when nice guys really do finish last.
(and then, only because they are considerate)
i only ate half of each.
am i serious?
i AM serious.
that seems to be the way things fall in place lately.
always a little late, always a little less,
and always a bit darker than the bright spots i'm seeking out.
i think maybe it's just a lull before a surge.
i s'pose that's more my style anyway;
never quiet, never soft.....

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