Saturday, September 3


it's time for another 'nother other update
in the world of making myself look good.
or bad.
or worse.
or whatever it is is i do.
the thing is,
i do a whole lot of it, and i do it every damned day....
without much more preamble,
let's just check the damned teleport, shall we:

if you knowabout steven, you're pretty cool.
if you don't?
yo' A* better ask somebody.
and also:

so many mornings,
and each of them started with drawn on eyebrows, or mouths, or somethin'.
i doo-doo that.
and i didn't stop there:

too much is the right amount.
that's a thing.
it's my thing.
and here's some more of it:

they aren't ALL big successes.
they also don't stop at failure,
they just keep right on going.
and as such, i keep up, right along with 'em:
every day.
if you can't follow through, what are you?
probably a piece of sh!t, honestly.
i do what i do, as hard as i can, and as often.
here's the last leg of this last batch,
for your enjoyment and amusement,
or not:

i want to remain creative,
but i only have eleven minutes within which to do that.
i make the most of that small window, with my finger, and a screen,
and i give a little breakfast time glimpse into being
albie rock to all those savvy folks who've added me on snapchat.
it's all really happening,
some of it just happens to be ridiculous;
never quiet, never soft.....

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