Thursday, September 1


hey guys,
you know what today is right?
today is the day.
the premier of some of that new-new-
it's the first of the month.
the big action page-flippin' fresh start of a whole new other 'nother segment
of spanning space and time.
that's something.
and were gonna traverse a trail blazed from summer to fall,
all during this month of back-to-schooly-d apples-to-pumpkin segues.
first things first-
i mean, c'mon.
rules is rules.
there's customary tradition and superstition that need to be observed
every single time the new month starts, and my eyes open up.
immediately thereafter,
the words get spoken.
the spell gets cast.
the summoning sorcerous spirit and memory of gratitude and generosity get conjured,
all because i say it out loud, hard, fast, and fresh-to-death-
you know how it goes:
rabbit! rabbit!
i said it, i meant it, i documented it, and i'm ready for whatever comes next.
i'm ready to munch up a little bit of one or two of these bars:

mocha mocha mocha, and the biggest, baddest, maddest madness i could mix up-
that's chocolate cake, swirled up with coffee caramel!
like, medium heat cooked butter, sugar, and coffee, in equal parts, with a splash of vanilla,
and some pure cold-brew extract, too.
in the center of each, right down the middle,
there's chocolate coffee creamchee' custard getting gooey and chewy,
and so choice i have to voice my strong support of this big action.
half a tub of creamchee';
half a cup of sugar;
two tablespoons of tapioca;
3 T dehydrated coffee/espresso;
half a cup of chocolate chips;
a splash of non-dairy milkiness;
a quarter tsp salt;
and a tsp of vanilla!
stove top stirred until smooth,
and slapped on top in a long landing strip of exxxtra-sexxxiness.
i doo-doo that overindulgent style of freaky-diki sh!t in my desserts.
i have to.
too much is the right amount.
i'm not entering into september like some little weak, mewling diaper baby.
i'm coming in hot with a super-caffeinated calamity!
woe unto him who crosses my path, as my jet-fueled juggernaut of a personality
is currently undergoing a snide mr. hyde transformation,
and until the tremors and the tectonic trembles of my treat-induced tryst
with go-go-powered goodness is done,
coffee icing?
...don't mind if i do.
crushed roasted coffee beans, vanilla, coffee extract, powdered sugar, and coffee.
the name of it is exactly what's in it.
when it's time to get busy around here,
i'm down to get down.
i'm serious.
i'm already so busily bodied and occupationally preoccupied that i don't even notice
an extra little bit of effort and expenditure.
anything beyond the measured maximum is a bonus round,
and i'm all up in some no-sleep, up-early rabbit rabbit omega-level jauns.
for realsies-
i love a dousing in dopeness as much as the next guy-
(i probably like it a whole lot more than him, let's be honest)
and this thematic symphony of coffee and cocoa is really showering me
with the most rewarding flavors and textures.
baked goods, man.
the month ALWAYS starts off with batch of freshly baked goods.
that's a thing.
september snuck up on me while i was trying to get things done.
i could make less food.....
but that'd only free up the section of time that's actually already well spent...
i'm just sayin'-
a man has got to eat;
and a good man has got to eat well.
i'm trying to become the latter a bit more with each meal.
i don't know what happened to this year,
but i'm focused on finding some truths and light, bright spots and better days,
here along this last lonely stretch of darkening, deepening, dying months.
i NEED good food to get me through all of THAT.
this is it.
today is the day.
and all of it is really happening;
never quiet, never soft.....

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