Thursday, September 15

why yes, i'd love some PIE.

that flaky crusty pie dough recipe is so expert,
i had to make even MORE.
yes, i did.
and yes, i did.
i'm like that.
and besides,
too much is the right amount.
i had my eye set on apple magic hottness well in advance of it's actual production.
i mean,
what's better in september than a big ol' daddy-sized deep-dish apple pie??
not much, that's for sure.
pie is essentially a pretty easy endeavor,
but, damn, does it ever deliver dividends of delicious once it's ready.
real talk.
i peeled, pared, cored, and chopped about 8 fresh local pie apples into chunks,
and simmered them in maple syrup, apple cider, raw sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg,
allspice, mace and ginger, with a splash of vanilla and a handful of old fashioned oats.
once they were all soft, and the pectin joined forces with the oats,
and all of that was cooling off?
it was time to roll and cut that crust.
this is what i came up with:

moths chasing hearts.
that's my jam.
stay ugly, stay dope, eat beautiful.
that's just how it is,
and doubly so  when you live in the remote woodlsy goodsly
hollowed hard-style hills of new hampshire.
i'm telling you,
a few demerara sprankles,
a little leafy cookie-style cut-out activation,
and suddenly, you've got yourself a little special somethin'-somethin'.
i NEED a little special somethin'.
i baked it for 40 minutes at 375F,
and i came away with this golden delicious apple treat.
and i especially love to have a big fattie-boombattie slice of it,
and i double-especially love it when it's shared with a friend.
lucky for me,
yesterday i actually HAD friend.
beau came by for supper,
and he had some,
and some other other stuff,
and he even did the dishes.
lucky me.
the werewolfen autumn moon is doing it's direst dark deeds to me.
i can feel it, on my skin, under my skin, in my blood, pulsing,
and it feels like losing at monopoly.
nobody even likes PLAYING monopoly,
so it's like losing twice.
maybe i'll get some sleep,
maybe i'll shed my skin and run away,
maybe, just maybe,
i'll transform into something even better than a battle-beast.
whatever happens,
there's no denying that it really can't be stopped;
never quiet, never soft.....

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