Sunday, September 4


it just hasn't been very elaborate.
i LOVE a superfancy unnecessary explosion of techniques.
i really truly do.
with the light fading a few minutes faster each and every day,
and my workday somehow always taking way longer than it's supposed to...
the schedule's getting tighter and tighter,
and the big elaborate dramatic action seems just out of reach-
i'm still gonna cook, and i'm still gonna make it pretty,
the dark dark darkness of an evening's early sunset,
and the hardest-style crabtree situation
means it's all on one plate, and in a hurry.
the elements, man.
they're aligned against leisure.
so i gotta keep it going, loud fresh and hard.
last night,
i opted for a vegetable explosion with noodles.
like i said,
it's NOT elaborate.
but it is dope.

i rocked one pan,
and it had asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, cilantro, green beans, kale, leeks,
red onion, scallions and snow peas with soy sauce, GPOP, and oil sizzlin' away.
the oven was showing me some love, too-
mae ploy sweet and sour sauce marinated tofu strips,
baked up firm as heck,
and flashed with a little liquid smoke, sriracha and more mae ploy glaze!
all of that is all pretty good,
but when you throw in some uber-udons?
it's the TRUTH.
then, for good measure, and for prettying it up on the platter,
i also added a little deconstructed salad stuff to the side, too.
red cabbage, fresh basil, cilantro, cucumbers and tomatoes.
it doesn't have to be a major production as long as it's dope, i guess.
i'd love the big-budget no-time-constraints all-out bonanza,
and i'm sure there will eventually be a time to do that.
in the interim,
it can be simple, if it's sexy,
and especially if there's a lot of it.
i guess that's the point;
never quiet, never soft.....

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