Saturday, September 3


i'm looking awfully skinny these days.
that's real.
not awful, exactly, just the adverb, not the subjective adjective-
i wouldn't say i'm coming off as a real manorexic, yet;
nor am i keeping it too AIDSy-
(that's when you close your mouth, but you're so thin that your teeth still peek out)
so i'm not at that gross gaunt and haunted level,
but i AM slimming down a whole bunch-
without really trying that hard to ebb or flow either way,
nature wins,
and i get a real bearded weirdie bowie bone structure out of the deal.
i only bring it up because there's this notion,
especially up here,
that all vegans are malnourished nerds who don't eat.
i eat way less than i did,
but i still eat every bit as much, or more, than anyone else i know-
the thing of it is:
there's less of an imperative impulse to my culinary creativity
when i'm literally only ever home with crabtree every single night.
i don't think he's very impressed with the presentation,y'know?
i'm sure he'd LOVE a plate for himself,
but, i mean, c'mon.
he may be my only close-at-hand homeboy,
but he's also a real A*-hole,
and also a dog,
and also also inclined to purge his digestive system of any and all
newly introduced comestibles delicacies from the back end,
and at velocity.
that said, and all things considered;
i didn't even have dinner last night.
take it easy,
while  i was at work i tuned-up a whole pizza,
late in the afternoon, delivery-style,
and while it was just a small step above being hungry,
it spoiled my appetite for self-sustaining self-destruction, for sure.
it doesn't do to make the super-elite crispy crusted big business,
and then think that some 'za-spot is gonna have that good good like
the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress reps so hot and heavy up in this woodsly goodness.
long story shorter-
if it isn't that big sexxxiness,
i just don't really want it,
what happens on the first friday night in september?
probably a whole heck of a lot.
i wouldn't personally know offhand, firsthand,
or even secondhand, though,
because i just cruised around with crabby,
stopping by the studio for a few late-night afterhours tattzap hangouts,
and afterwards,
i burned a whole bunch of upcyclables in the firepit.
surrounded by all my confidants and co-conspirators.
which is of course the nice way to say,
i had a fire for just me and the dog.
it was pretty dope, though:

fire reconnects us to something elemental and empirically expert.
i love it.
when it's time to get reinvigorated, motivated,
and generally charged with positivity, poise, purpose, and power,
there's nothing like a hot fiery blaze within which to bathe in big action.
i soaked the sh!t up outta that all-consuming circle of conflagration,
and i feel better already.
i might even make a big ol' breakfast.
there's no wasted time,
so there's to be no wasting away.
more food, and more walks, and more work, and more of all of it, always.
that's what i want,
and you can bet your big ol' sloppy jalopy of an A*
that i'll be keeping it sexxxy in the kitchen tonight.
a night off once in a while is fine,
but there's no such thing as back to back relaxing.
not here, and not now;
never quiet, never soft.....

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