Monday, September 5

holy crepe.

hey guys!
last night,
i saw fit to take a tiny break from buffing doo-doo butter out of the floorboards,
and wash up,
sanitize my hands,
and really get crackin' on some tasty dinnertime activation.

a teaspoon of chia seeds, a quarter tsp of salt,
sprouted whole wheat flour, buckwheat flour, and spelt flours,
all in roughly 1/3 cup increments,
plus an equvalent amount of non-dairy milk,
until it was thin enough to pour,
but thick enough to really give a bit of burly body to the circles on the skillet.
i high heat 'em, and i flip only when the top is already dry.
and i had seitan, so the meal essentially made itself.
i mean,
i had seitan because i made it earlier in the day,
while i was baking bread, and generally being sleepily productive.
in fact,
i also roasted potatoes in the oven while the bread did it's thing.
multi-purpose heat initiatives are the only way to go.
thick slabs of custom seitan were ready for frying-
and i took that as my cue to do a little sicy sexxxxin' it up.
smoked paprika, GPOP, black pepper, thyme, sage, whole wheat flour, and cornstarch
had me chik'n-fryin' those F*ers to a crispy-crusted juicy-middle of magic!!!
potatoes, parsley sprankles, red onions, scallions, and tahini drizzles
had me feelin' pretty full almost instantly.
i also tuned up a few of those crepes with red beans, and spinach, and tomatoes,
covered in sriracha ho'sauce.
nothing too crazy, but everything turned out crazily delicious
too much is the right amount, neighbors.
believe it.
and that broccoli?
straight-up, vegetables are dope.
those florets were steamed up just right in a bit of seitan-broth,
and seared in the same skillet that i recharged those 'taters in.
i had a plan,
i worked my plan,
and all it came together precisely as i intended.
that was some small comfort during the diabilocally disastrous
doo-doo butteriest day of dog doctoring in weeks
that's no joke,
and i mentioned baking bread-
white starter, whole rolled oats,
and good intentions produced a seriously expert loaf:

the high hydration,. and the lateral slit around the rim allowed for oven spring like a catapult.
i even soaked the oats first, in the allotted water quotient,
and i can't say it caused the new hottness, but i can't say it didn't either.
i'll have to replicate the results to know for sure.
i'm down to do just that, too.
more good bread is not a bad thing at all.
there's a whole lot of laboring set to happen today.
i don't get long weekends;
in fact,
i don't even get regular weekends-
and i definitely don't get nights off.
there's MORE of everything today.
much more.
and i'm ready and set to say adios to summer,
unofficially, of course,
and to start a whole new season of apples and expertism tomorrow.
today is the day, kids.
the last one.
everything summery ceases tonight;
never quiet, never soft.....

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