Wednesday, September 28

big breakfast, actual.

time is of the essence!
i had big breakfast plans,
big haircut plans,
and big tattoo day plans.
all in a row,
with a healthy dose of rainy day dog walking thrown in;
just to add a degree of doo-doo buttery difficulty into the mix.
wet and lazy puppy dragging through the drippin' droplets of a dour day
is just about no fun.
not one bit.
and since i was soaked, surly, and in a hurry to get home,
crabtree and i had ourselves a real disagreement about how to proceed with our day.
in the rain, in a hurry, with a wet dog who didn't want to be there any more than i did,
save the fact that i knew for certain that he'd be a right bastardhole
if he didn't get some serious exercise in before a long day in lock-up,
we argued and wrestled and basically had a little impromptu title fight
for dominance of the domains around the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress.....
but, there's good news, guys-
i won by a landslide!
and with the pecking order reestablished,
our wet trek through the trees proceeded unhindered-
i will admit,
i was powered by some severely expert panniecakes,
so i had a clear advantage from the jump.
when i'm getting activated, i leave no indulgence uexplored.
that's real.
i'm just sayin',
that big breakfast jaun is no joke around here,
and i genuinely think that living alone is no reason not to terrorize a stack
of fluffed-out flapcakes for you face.
if it's big b time,
it's BOG B time.
y'feel me?
i'll eat enough for two,
and the ache in my belly will remind me that full and empty both hurt just as much.
but, for real, though, bro. check the teleport:

cinnamon cider panniecakes??
with butter-fried cinnamon sugar apples?
and real maple syrup???
i mean, but, like, for real, though- C'MON!
a little ground coconut, and fresh milled oat flour,
a lot of melted butterish, vanilla,(mandatory),
a dash of salt, a blop of coconut yogurt, some a.p. flour,
kapowder and soda and cinnamon and sugar and cider,
all mixed up and rested, and what have you got?
you've got some woodsly goodness for your griddle.
...that's no joke.
i spritzed 'em with exxxtra cinnamon too,
before i topped the whole mess off with those apple wedges.
too much is the right amount,
and that's the only way i've ever known when it comes to making panniecakes.
i didn't measure anything.
i figure it's probably about a cup fo regular flour,
a half a cup of coconut and oats together,
half a tsp salt, 1 tsp each of the leavens,
a quarter cup of yogurt, a tsp or two of vanilla
a cup of cider and a dousin' of cinnamon,
three or four tablespoons of melted butts,
* ginger-coriander tofu scramble?
it's just like regular scrambies, but with the addition of a little fresh ginger,
and a teaspoon of toasted ground coriander seed.
also, it's flippin' delicious.
* spicy ho'sauced crispy skin-on homeboyfries??
with molto red onion and lots of buttery sizzle?
i always hit 'em with some smoky paprika and black pepper, too,
and a few parsley sprankles,
because i am NOT an A-hole.
that's a thing.
* tempeh bacon?
a few straightforward slices of that sh!t.
yum, i guess.
i think i do it just because three sides looks so much sexxxier.
i could live without it, and not miss it at all.
if it's there, i'll gladly devour it.
rules is rules.
big breakfasts are good sometimes.
that leaden weight, slowly digesting over hours,
like the mighty sarlacc,
while the nutrients seep into my cells an' that.
i'm nourished,
and i'm comforted,
and i'm full.
all of those things are positive.
everything else?
everything else is just unfolding at it's own mysterious pace,
on it'sown mysterious agenda,
and on the periphery,
there's me, and you, and pancakes,
and really real day-to-day hustlin' and bustlin'.
there's a lot i have no idea about,
and a little that i'm intimately aware of.
breakfast is the latter, despite being the first and most important,
or so i've heard it told;
never quiet, never soft.....

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