Tuesday, September 6


i took a quarter cup of whole wheat sourdough starter,
AND commercial yeast, and half a cup plus 2 T warm water,
a pinch of sugar,
and a handful of oats,
and added all that to a cup and a half of whole wheat flour,
and let it bulk up all night and day, with a punch down here and there,
and a cold proof while i was away at work.
that's how it all got started.
i rolled it, cut it into circles,
and let it rise while the oven preheated to 450.
as the hotbox was charging itself with flame-kissed hottness,
i had some seasoned spicy french-style potatoes roasting in there, too.
multitasking, and wasting NONE of that fire, are both good things.
i made a tasty little slaw,
with cabbage and shredded spinach and pea shoots and parsley,
red onions, scallion greens, and vegenaise, plus a bit of cracked black pepper,
and let that cool off while things heated up.
leftover red beans became smoky, spicy vegie burgers
after i added a few Tablespoons of oats, and garbanzo flour, and wheat gluten,
plus sauteed onions and garlic, a few sweet peppers,
a whole mess of smoked paprika, liquid smoke, mustard powder, GPOP,
raw garlic, scallion tips, and cilantro and dried coriader.
food processor wizardry ensued,
and burgery barbarian big business followed shortly thereafter.
y'know what?
maybe just check the teleport:

THERE it is.
got 'em.
cilantro, cukes, red onion rings?
hell yeah.
fresh sliced tomatoes from my friend's garden?
heck yes.
how about that little extra extra seitan slider on the side??
that's a special exxtra spicy cayenne circle,
with mint and tomatoes and sh!t underneath.
too much is the right amount,
and nobody believes that more than i do.
i got home from work a little bit early to check on crabby,
and i got right to it.
there's no good reason to wait around like a weak-sauce waterbaby.
not when there's work to do.
it isn't gonna cook itself,
and it won't look as sexxxy in the dusky light,
so there's no point in slacking when the hunger is raging,
and if the dog isn't as dying as he was the day before?
it's even more necessary.
i'm just sayin'-
doing less just seems like giving up,
and that's not my style.
try hard, then try harder,
pay attention, and then double check yourself
( i spent a few moments editing prior blogs this morning)
and know stuff.
nobody who is any good is a big dumb dummy.
sorry stoopidheads,
if you're wondering if that means you?
...it probably does.
my big labor day dinner,
for one.
sans the boku big drinkies, naturally.
aftre all, y'all-
it's okay not to drink,
and i'm constantly reminded of how few people really agree with that
all along the length and breadth of each and every holiday weekend.
womp womp.
oh well,
i do my dirt all by my lonely, homies,
and i think i may actually be better off for it.
the time goes by,
and i span it as i see fit.
trying hard, paying attention,
and learning a little bit more about myself and about the world,
each and every day.
it's all really happening,
and that's still the whole point;
never quiet, never soft.....

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