Friday, September 9


white mountain white sourdough is my aide de camp every morning.
i also have an attache' of oatmeal....
but i trust my big bubbly irregular crumbed co-commander
to help with Tea 'N' Toast most days, right at the start.
to that end,
i have a pretty big batch of starter constantly doubling and devouring
all the flour that powers it into a semi-sentient and voracious organism.
i swear it knows when i'm gonna feed it-
audrey 2-style-
(if you know, you know, and if not, you're probably young as F*.)
i think i'm figuring it out.
i'm just sayin',
the loaves are looking and tasting better and better,
and that's GOT to mean something positive, no?
check the teleport:

that's what's up.
this one was a gift.
it's cool,
i've got the inside scoop on making as much as i want.
my buddy beau is back in town!
only for a few days,
and only to get brutalized by me in the tattzap chair....
but that's still flippin' elite.
so, we're gonna do that today.
last night, we feasted.
that's real.
the only catch?
we got back to the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress later than the light would allow
so there wasn't much by way of sexxxy food photos.
in fact,
i kind of took it easy on the layout, and instead focused far more on QUANTITY.
two hungry men need a lot of noodles, duders.
check the teleport:

one great big beige battlehammer batch of stir fried veggies,
with sesame soy tofu,
and broth-braised fried tempeh.
yeah, that's a cucumber garnish.
there are scallion sprankles, too.
i didn't say i wimped out and was a little diaperbaby-b!tchface,
i said i took it easy on the layout.
it was good to have someone to eat dinner with.
on wednesday,
i didn't even have dinner.
i mean it.
i was pulled and pushed in may directions over the course of the day,
and by nighttime, i just wasn't hungry.
that's what i said:
i wasn't hungry.
i dunno, man....
the appetite is back in a big way already,
but whoa,
what a weird feeling it was to have an absence of the glaring, blaring black hole
of desire and dissatisfaction that i call my insides,
even if it was only for an evening.
i've got time to take,
and moves to make,
and cake to bake,
and walls to break,
and all of it is really happening.
i just hope i can get home in time tonight to pretty up a plate of something expert.
the bread is good,
and the noodles are, too-
but i want  the big deluxxxe,
and i doubt anything less with do the trick;
never quiet, never soft.....

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