Wednesday, September 7

sour power.

once you start making homemade sourdough,
you realy cannot easily return to storebought bullsh!t.
and i say that with consideration for the carefully crafted artisan bakery
i frequented thrice weekly until travis set me up with the skills,equipment,
and confidence to render them nearly obsolete.
that's actually kinda sad news for them, being a heartfelt local business an' that-
it also happens to be pretty great news for me.
seems like learning how to do more and more makes me rely less and less
on the staples of super-hottness i'd come to depend on.
it sorta reminds me of every relationship i've ever had, for some dumb reason.
(i'm the bakery in that example)
it all costs something....and if you aren't prepared to pay in one way,
you'll surely just assume the costs somewhere eelse.
the thing of it is-
doing it myself feels better,
tastes waaay better,
and generally allows me to execute my own ideas under the auspices of my own ambition. i an iron-fisted control monger?
i hope not.
more like a tin-gloved all-thumbs control-preference mongrel.
i'll take that moniker to the hilt, through my heart, even,
if that means i'm going to continue eating more and better bread.
check the whole-wheat-is-my-homeboy-type teleport:

whole wheat starter, and then a 3:1 ratio white whole wheat/spelt blend,
with a HUGE quantity of water,
for a ciabatta-style blarp of a battery dough.
did it bubble?
did it ever!
i terrorized a quarter of the loaf while it was still warm.
in fact,
i've been beating up these loaves so hard i had to double-feed my hyperactive starter,
just to tone down the anaerobic acids and let the caustic caulk take it a little easier.
i've got a gift loaf bulking up on the counter as i type.
i think there's something to be said for giving the staff of mutha-F*ing life
to those of your dudes that you really like.
i'm not going to stop until they tell me to,
and even then,
i'll probably bake one more,
just because rules is rules.
speaking of......
check the teleport:

the proprietary white mountain white is a little bit of more than alright.
overproofed, for sure,
time goes where it wants,
and sometimes a sick puppy can distract from a sexy loaf.
the wheat scoring on the sides was still expert,
but the center slash didn't allow the steam to erupt in big crusty cracks like i'd hoped.
(it still tasted totally heckin' amazing, and that's no joke)
and that isn't it, kids.
too much is the right amount,
and also,
there was this guy:

^^see that 'sploded center?^^
that's what i like.
i've been really pushing the boundaries of by-eye estimation,
and totally getting a genuine hands-on intuitive sense of baking.
there are general proportions that need to be observed,
but beyond that,
i'm letting my hands grab what they want,
and slap it up, flip it, AND rub it down.
i doo-doo that freaky sh!t,
and it seems to be beneficial to my breakfast Tea'N'Toast situation.
i'm taking every opportunity to explore new directions and to utilize old ways
of doing some new hottness.
it isn't making me LESS of a hermit,
but it is making my time alone taste a whole helluva A*-load more delicious.
i think it's positively affecting all aspects of my Folk Life.
makes sense, right?
after all-
good bread makes better people.
that's the real talk,
straight from the horseface's A*-to-mouthpiece;
never quiet, never soft.....

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