Friday, September 2


kindness is nice.
that's the truth.
generosity is really nice.
that's no joke, either.
gratitude and appreciation are about the best things out there.
real talk.
when i can compose many elements of a meal 
through the gentle and thoughtful actions of others?
damn, duders,
i am really feelin' those feels that you get when good things happen.
i'd almost forgotten what that was like,
and initially thought i was having a heart attack.
turns out, i was just touched by sentiment.
who knew i still could?
check the teleport, then i'll explain:
those sexy little chestnut mushrooms?
those are from steve, my cool-as-a-cucumber client 
who works with the new hampshire mushroom company in his spare time.
grilled up and salt and peppered,
they tasted like heaven.
and those stringbeans?
courtesy of wayne, my main man at the tattoo studio,
who grew 'em up big and strong in his gaden.
i like a little char, and a splash of good olive oil on mine-
these were terrific, and i'm glad they made it into my kitchen from way up north.
the fried garlic sprankles on top of that salt'n'pepa tofu??
elsah, my personal hairstylist handed me a big ol' batch of bulbs, 
via a second pair of intermediary hands,
from the garlic-growing gardeners who live next door to her ma and pa.
the tofu was crispy on the outside, coated in a crust of GPOP and cracked peps,
and seared in oil jussssssst right.
over a bed of grilled cabbage, that stuff had some sweet moves, for sure.
i tattooed dayle the other day.
she got a pretty cool prince tribute guitar-and-symbol thing.
she came through yesterday with a belated tip!
two boxes of fresh veggies and a big ol' bag of herbs.
like tarragon and sh!t, man.
you know better than that.
those sexy tomatoes, and the tasiest seasonings all made their way into that farro 
over on the side of that wilted kale with red onion hottness.
it was a group effort, but a solo meal.
i'll also confess, in the interests of truth-telling and real-life documentarianism,
that i oversalted it all.
accidental saltiness always undermines my rarely-witnessed gentle inclinations.
at least i was alone?
oh. .......wait.
i'm always alone.
well, then,
at least the only person who had to soak up a good ol' salt-bloated 
exsanguination of the stomach lining was me.
that's better.
i am lucky to have folks who thought of me this week.
i am grateful for their consideration,
and i'm pleased that i could implement their ingredients.
you are what you eat,
and today, i'm kindness, locally, organically, 
and well-wished to eleven.
we'll see how long it lasts,
for right now, in this moment,
i've got a few good feelings, bro.
don't ruin it;
never quiet, never soft.....

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