Friday, March 10


double dinner?
too much is the right amount.
here's why the BANG-BANG had to be activated:
i miss pizza, sometimes.
heck, i miss pizza immediately after eating pizza.
and i could go for some pizza pretty much all the time...
it's marzo italiano,
and it sort of feels like that would be cheating, y'know?
just beating up pizza every damned night, and calling it good?
too easy.
like, that seems like some loophole sh!t, to me.
i'd still do it, to be sure,
but i think that by day nine of pizza,
you guys, with your verrrrry inferior pizza-consumption capacity,
might get a bit unimpressed by my unflinching, unyielding,
inexhaustible ability to eat more pizza every day forever and ever.
so, for you, i had a whole second dinner,
just to keep it real,
and also because i am a great big fat hungry hungry hippo.
i had my pizza.
and then,
i had a whole other 'nother other jaun, as well.
back to back dinner attacks are in effect over here.
check the teleport:

pesto pizza!
hey, neighbors,
i still had that sunflower seed and spinach pesto,
and i'd been wishing i could make use of it,
but putting it on pasta would be too much samesies for me to feel good about.
that's why pizza is always a good idea.
if you put it on the pizza, whatever 'it' is,
it's now a new and better thing, each and every time.
semi-sourdough semolina sexxiness had my long-proved and well-proven crust
ready to rock my socks off,
and the pesto only served to accentuate that inevitable barefootedness.
caramelized onions?
seared, diced butternut squash?
crazy delicious.
balsamic-marinade glazed walnuts?
ferociously awesome.
agave and balsamic vinegar and olive oil,
simmered away to nothin' around a handful of walnuts!
y'put those on a pizza,
and your whole face gets to munch up some raging righteous flavor!!!
tomatoes showed up to put a pop of color on that earth-toned circle.
that was a good idea, for the record.
there's daiya chee', and fried garlic sprankles, too.
always always with that garlic- rules is rules.
plus, post-bake, which was 15 minutes at 490F, btw,
i hit it with some parsley  and a blast of big-flake nootch.
my pizza game is SO tight.
and then,
after that big round ball of awesome,
i had a second dinner-
i doo-do that freaky sh!t.
check the second-bang-type teleport:

i had allllllll the veggies prepared in advance, in stages,
to maximize the effect of successive char.
no, for real.
the shallots and the tomatoes were fried up first, to get the black on the bottom.
the seitan was seasoned with a little lemon, a lotta GPOP, and so much hot fire....
those mushrooms weren't blackened just browned in two batches,
to prevent the slime from forming and sh!tting up a perfectly good meal.
salted, uncrowded, and flipped just once, for perfect crimini masterpieces right away.
broccoli, garlic, and lots of oil, with just a splash of the pasta water to steam it,
and just like that,
bella bella molto molto bene bene etc etc,
there's awesome pasta power being activated
with a little bit of parsley sprankle magic, too, for good measure.
and salad.
mixed leaves, onions, heirloom tomatoes, cukes, white balsamic vinegar,
and impressively excessively virginal olive oil....
some fresh-baked sourdough to ensure optimum fatness was achieved.
that's how you get MOLTO in marzo, my man.
freezing as F*?
about to snow?
windy every effing day?
march in new england is a total A*-hole.
the only thing worse?
april in new england.
i guess i have that to look forward to, at least.
worsening outdoors only makes this happy hearth more welcoming.
if it weren't for the stark contrast and comparison,
i might feel trapped by this big ol' house i haunt.
i used to worry about there being ghosts in here.
now, i think i get it-
i'm the ghost.
it beats being outside,
with crabtree at my heels,
that's unavoidable as well.
haunting and hunting,
hunkering and hiking,
we're a couple of wodengeists,
and we've got to go,
inside, outside, over and over,
the spectral trail of our spirit and memory,
blowing around in this stooopid wind;
never quiet, never soft.....

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