Saturday, March 4


they're pasta that look like tiny basket hats,
and maybe this is based in some historically-accurate deformity,
they're considered 'little ears' in italian.
they're some dumb-lookin' ears, then, duders.
isn't that the case most times?
if you're looking a something one way, it's adorable,
and if you shift your perspective slightly,
it's SO not adorable.
maybe the're s'posed to be little mouse ears?!
in that case, i take it back...
they're cute all over again.
here's the thing, kids-
i want the right pasta to go with the right sauce.
basket hats seemed like the right call for accompanying white beans and leeks,
because the bits fit right in those semolina buckets.
i like that sort of thing.
i'm up early,
and i'm up late.
somewhere in there,
i make sure to make moves that'll influence the ensuing hours in a positive way.
in this case, i'm talking about red peppers.
peppers are one of those vegetables that delicate bellies,
and diapery saucebabies get weird about.
i've noticed older people, mostly my parents age,
regardless of their relative geographic location,
worry that they might burp and taste a little pepper echo later on.
admittedly, there's no not-gross way to describe that,
but, to remove peppers from the menu,
because they might get ghostly, and haunt your palate for a bit?
i'm not scared of that.
in fact,
i'm not even inviting any sixty-somethings over for dinner.
.....problem solved.
i baked two split and seeded big red bell bombers at 400F,
convection-stylke, with the scroching air whipping their exteriors
for like, forty minutes,
until the skins were blacker than black....
if you put those in a sealed plastic bag while they're still hot,,
they'll steam their skins right up and as the flesh retracts
you can easily peel away the burnt bits quick-fast in a hurry.
and if you have all those peps ready to go,
the rest of dinner falls in line in as long as it takes to boil pasta.
check the teleport:

WHITE BEANS AND LEEKS, with a bit of shalot to sexxx it up;
BROCCOLI MUTHA-EFFING RABE, that rapini is too tasty, guys,
for realsies.
ok, ok, ok,
here's the procedure:
boil 2 cups of loosely chopped-at broccoli rabe for exactly 2 minutes,
and rinse it off, so it stops steaming ...
set that aside.
take half of one of those roasted red jauns,
and slice yourself up some strips, and then slice those into thirds.
try not to think about slimy tongues while you do it.
i can't stop myself, but i don't let it stop me.
put those off to the side
i had 3/4 cup white beans.
i used great northerns, mainly because i HAD great northerns,
and they did the trick just dandily.
ok, now,
saute 1/2 cup sliced and halved leek ribbons, with half a minced shallot,
and a big clove's worth of sliced garlic.
when that's smelling lovely,
hit it with some salt, black pepper, a tablespoon of crushed red pepper flakes,
and GPOP, for that good-good goodsly as it browns in the oil.
add those beans,
and then the roasties,
and then the broccoli rabe.
how simple was that?
meanwhile, back on the back burner,
the remaining roastie-peppers, and another 1/4 cup of those beans,
plus a tablespoon of fire-roasted tomato flakes, GPOP, and 1/4 cup of broth,
all need to be pureed together.
you can use whatever, man.
immersion blender magic was my choice,
but blenders or food processors will hook it up just as well.
that'll simmer on low heat, and thicken up quickly.
the beans will get so molto creamy, it'll be so smooth and expert.
a drizzle of olive oil, and some good bread for sauce soaking,
and there it is.
the new hottness, all while the water boiled,
and the orecchiette cooked up all al dente.
marzo italiano, neighbors.
so far, it's molto bene in my belly.
i made half a pound of pasta.
and i ate every single baby basket hat, too.
too much is the right amount,
and when it's right there, all tasty and spicy and ready?
y'really think i could/should/would resist a shot at tuning up 100% of it?
rules is rules,
and leftovers are just used food for people living in the past.
moving forward, there's no roasted red pepper baggage to lug into today.
it's already nourished my body,
and fulfilled it's purpose.
tonight we'll be beatin' up a whole other new 'nother other somethin'-somethin'.
don't stop moving forward, don't stop cooking, don't stop eating-
i've got a three step plan in F*ing full effect,
and it's working, friends.
all of it,
day in and day out,
because i do what i do no matter what.
it's all really happening,
and we're all a part of it,
even when we're apart,
or falling apart,
or partying, partnering, parting ways....
always in all ways,
this is IT;
never quiet, never soft.....

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