Tuesday, March 28


holy sh!tballs, y'all.
how long has it been?
too long!!!
we haven't had a hearty, homemade mexican monday
up in this Folk Life & Liberty Fortress for a minute or two, huh?
don't despair.
that all changed last night, for the bigger, and the better, neighbors.
por que'?
porque demasiado es la cantidad correcta!
and when it's time to make up for a lapse in lusciousness,
you all already know i'm ready, willing, and able
to overindulge in way more magnificence than the pan cannhandle,
and to doo-doo that freaky sh!t like my life depends on it.
after all, rules is rules, friends.
if you aren't overdoing it, you're doing it wrong.
that's a thing.
you wanna see how ridiculous i got with the good-good last night?
check the mas-grande-type teleport:

tacos, enchiladas, AND quesadilla!?!?
hell yeah.
i'm over here trying to activate alllllll the hottness, holmes.
and i did.
and it was expert.
and i ate every last bite.
here's the thing about shark-gluttony.
you can't hesitate at one hundred calories per tortilla,
even if there's six of them on the plate.
if you start counting, you've already failed.
that's no joke.
you've gotta focus on more pressing concerns-
sauce is important.
that chipotle rancheros up there, on those enchiladas?
it's the TRUTH.
y'wanna make some?
do it like this:
1/4 cup sweet onion, minced;
1/4 cup hot peppers, mixed, minced, whatever...
1 T butterish;
1 T olive oil;
3/4 cup crushed tomatoes.
smoked paprika, GPOP, cumin, oregano, chipotle pepper, ancho pepper,
1 tsp agave;
1/4 cup chopped fresh tomato;
black pepper;
2 T ho'sauce;
1/4 cup water.
start with the fats and the onions and peppers, and wilt 'em up-
add the fresh tomatoes,
the crushed tomatoes,
and then the spices.
drizzle in the ho'auce and agave and the water,
and let it all simmer it for at least twenty minutes.
you know what happens next?
you get to enjoy some terrific sauce, that's what.
the enchiladas themselves have cashew-garlic-tofu chee' in 'em,
finely chopped red onion,
custom ho'sauce activated nootch-boosted refried pinto beans,
daiya mozzarella,
and cilantro inside, too.
rolled and arranged in a shallow pan, and covered in easy greasy gravy.
that's essential.
if you're not gravy-baking your enchiladas,
you're a F*ing jerk who hates enchiladas.
i'm sure of it.
the gravy is so simple:
2 T flour;
2 T butterish; gently browned together,
GPOP and 1 cup of broth,
boiled until thick.
that's it.
bake all that, covered in foil, for like, fifteen-twenty minutes,
at 350F.
remove the foil, lather e'm with sauce, and give 'em another 7-10 out in the open.
the gravy is so key, it steams and soaks and infises all that exxxtra flavor.
you like exxxtra flavor, don'tcha?
of course you do!
that quesadilla is so easy to make, you'll wonder why you don;t eat one every single day.
two tortillas,
each with daiya cheddar on it,
plus, black beans, scallions, cilantro, and a smoosh of refried beans,
just to stick it all together pre-melt-
toasted until brown on a hot skillet,
with all that chee' melting and sticking and generally being rad.
i put the red taco-style sauce and some green smoky ho'sauce,
both decanted from my vast collection of situationaly-appropriate hottness.
a few tomatoes, a little scallion, and BOOM.
magical wedges of pure amazing were ready for my mouth to masticate!!!
does the avocado on the side DO anything?
heck yes, it does,
it make every bite a smoother and more amazing creamy dream, dude.
don't be dumb.
dos tacos for my face,
because infinite fat-man hog-mouth shark-gluttony knows no limits.
fajita-fried poblano, serrano, red hot chilis, and onion,
oil-sizzled in a fiery smoky asada-style spice blend,
(that's GPOP, cumin, smoked paprika, oregano, basil, and black pepper)
plus fried black beans,
and fresh hot jalapeno,
sweet slices of baby tomatoes,
and avo-flippin'-cado for the win!!
a good taco is always welcome to attend any of my banquets.
no joke.
...and if it brings a hot friend?
i'm not one to shy away from a fabulous orgiastic feeding frenzy.
how much food was consumed?
a.) too much,
b.) not enough.
c.) all of it.
you know you want that D!
oh, and those limes made every single thing taste way better.
for realsies.
i don't use citrus unless it's very necessary,
and believe me,
without the lime juice squeezin's,
this meal wouldn't have gone to eleven.
...which, incidentally, it definitely did
there's no such thing as recovering lost time.
it's just gone.
bye bye.
making the most of the time you have on hand,
in the right of freakin' now, is a pretty smart plan.
so, despite the lack of mexico this march,
with just a little extra effort,
a bit of intentional focused and direct participation,
a whole bunch of soft flour tortillaa,
and an ample application of appetite-guided construction,
in under an hour,
i had a magnificent and mucho mas mexican monday.
you get back what you put out.
so don't act put out.
you ARE gonna wanna put out.
that's solid advice;
never quiet, never soft.....

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