Wednesday, March 15


seared butternut squash.
that's right.
blackened a bit on the sides,
with a bit of onion caramelized alongside it,
braised and shaken, back and forth, in a little seitan broth.
turns out, 
i really like those orange-fleshed jauns a whole bunch.
i took it, and three BIG crimini mushrooms,
and pulsed them into pesto in the food processor, 
with some fresh thyme,
salt, olive oil, and black pepper.
the heat from the squash wilted the mushrooms,
and i took the whole tub of that unfortunately 
browner-than-i'd-have-liked mashed moosh,
and spread it like thick sauce on a pizza pie.
the semi-semolina semi-sourdough dopeness delivered all the big flavor once again,
and while i don't hate a conventional crust,
and i can appreciate the crackery crack of a pure sourdough jaun,
the combination of both is just too much hottness not to get the nod
for best pizza crust in the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress repertoire.
that's no joke,
and with those butternutty blops on it?
molto expert, and mucho deliciousness.
here we go- 
check the teleport, 
and decide for yourself if i'm telling the truth, or just talking sh!t:
the crust is tight.
the squash pesto is tight.
the daiya chee? it's alright.
the caramelized onion, though?
dudes, why are those always so TIGHT?!
with sweet miniature bell pepper rings,
and sauteed green beans,
and smoky homemade seitan crumbles 
(minced, and stir fried with soy sauce, liquid smoke, GPOP
and smoked paprika, with agave and oil and a little bit of cayenne pepper)
and the last of those little heirloom tomatoes, to keep it juicy.
good pizza is mandatory in this household.
my hot-A* oven also served to take the chill out of the awful air
that preceded the miserable blizzard that wrecked yesterday so hard.
thanks, oven, for making pizza, and making my house happier.
nice job.
fried garlic sprankles made their cameo, too.
rules is rules,
and a 'za without those little glitter gitters isn't welcome here.
a little chopped parsley to freshen it up,
and i was definitely winning at pizza for the evening.
neighbors, i LOVE pizza.
the most.
as in- the mostie-mostest.
in fact, 
there may be pizza on the bang-bang schedule later today, too.
that's such a good idea.
yesterday was a mess.
snow heaps and drifts,
zero visibility.
treacherous roads.
the works.
but, how about today?
well, today,
things are lookin' up.
except, i'm only half as mobile as i was when it sucked outside.
guess who hurt their back?
isn't that just like some old guy sh!t to do?
i deserved it, sort of....
shoveling angrily, flinging sow high and wide,
while also snapping the dog's leash, angrily, 
as crabtree and the wind worked in concert to disconcert 
and undermine my calm, methodical snow-removal mission.
i got furious, and i got hurt.
damn it. that's just what i deserved, though, really.
i mean, right?
you got a job to do, you do it-
freaking out isn't going to make it go any quicker, or progress any better.
that's how real life should work, man-
you get what you get, and you don't get upset.
words to live by, but words i largely ignore,
in this instance to the detriment of my ancient spinal column.
moving around feels less amazing than i'd like,
i'll take a lesson from yesterday,
and do what i've to do, without losing my mind about the hard parts.
it's all really happening,
and besides,
today is the day.
no, really.
the ides.
the turning point.
the midway mark.
the works.
it's pretty miuch a wary, scary day if you're the emperor,
but if you've got no new clothes, no new groove, 
and no news that's good news,
you're most likely going to be ok.
i'll let you know how it goes, bros;
never quiet, never soft.....

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