Monday, March 20


happy berfday to my ma!
the lady who made me adds +1 to her numerical total today.
let's hope she has a happy happy one, for sure.
i made a fancy springtime cake!
so, really, it's kinda like i'm there celebrating, in spirit, at least.
mama turns whatever today,
and the season flips forward into some new vernal equinox socks-rocking.
today isn't just the big day for my mother,
it's ALSO the big day for the cyclical nature of nature and time.
it's SPRING.
of course, it's only so possible to be overwhelmed with springtime cheer
because, here in the woodsly goodness,
there is at least a foot of snow frozen solid on the ground,
and more specifically,
along the perimeter of the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress,
there are heaps of plowed powder
still standing tall at seven feet higher than the soil.
and it's a balmy 13 degrees fahrenheit.
so, yeah,
rebirth and growth and all that is symbolically on the schedule for today,
but as for any practical applications?
we'll still be shivering for a few more months up here.
y'all'd better stay happy happy, all the way, all the time, all day long, anyway-
because rules is rules.
and nobody likes a berfday ruiner,
and nobody likes a poop-headed party poop-boat, either.
that said-
can we talk about breakfasts?
thank you.
i made a thing.
and that thing was pretty much the best thing.
no joke.
remember that potato parsnip hash-brown waffle from friday?
i re-upped and honed that sort of potato style for sunday, too.
and it was even F*ing better on the second try.
check the breakfast-type teleport:

anybody out there ever been to the seward cafe in minneapolis?
you know the one-
with the hand-poked face-tattooed crotchal puff-puff passers,
topped with dread mullets and tall bikes,
making vegan 'fluffy' manhole-cover pancakes and sh!t...
that one.
shoutouts to those dudes,
because i channeled the spirit and memory of that place SO hard for brekkie.
and before we go any further,
i'd just like to recap the method for that hashbrown waffle,
because i think it's important that you try it-
potatoes, man,.
i used one regular sized and one smaller one,
peeled, and grated and set into a colander to seep away it's starchy juice;
one parsnip and one small carrot, both peeled and grated as well,
all tossed together and liberally salted,
to draw out any exxxtra moisture inside that nest of roots.
also, shaved red onion strands should probably get added in after the salt.
that's 1 1/2 'tatoes, plus orange and white pointy roots, plus pruplish onion strips,
pressed and drained and allowed to rest,
before squeezing the ever-lovin' livin' sh!t outta the whole messy mass,
that's right.
get all the moisture you conceivably can right on out of it,
and the put it, spread evenly, inside a well-greased HOT waffle iron,
until it's browned to the point of burning on both sides.
and that's no joke.
from there, it just keeps getting better-
i had some tofu scrambo, rough crushed and molto chunky,
with a decent amount of crisp on the oilp-fried side.
that's exxxtra-firm tofu,
and turmeric, GPOP, nootch, salt, black pepper, and smoked paprika,
stirred together to make it expert.
there are blackened fried grape tomatoes, too.
the seared skin on 'em really takes the taste of a tomato to eleven,
and that's the right way to enjoy everything...
homestyle quick rancheros sauce?
don't  mind if i do-
a little baby bit of sweet pepper, a couple teaspoon's worth of a couple of hot peppers,
a scoop of diced red onion,
GPOP, oil, two or three tablespoons of crushed tomatoes,
and a dash of oregano, and basil, and cumin,
for some super sauce activation,
that's the stuff.
i broth-braised and seared some broccoli too.
if you've ever had that crust-commune brunch,
you'll already know that that's the stuff you want.
it's good. and i was glad for it,
the avocado only served to turn the whole thing into a magnificent masterpiece.
but, i'm serious.
salt-and-peppered avocado is the business.
and i'm in the business of taking care of business.
cilantro sprankles,
and a bit of added arugula and pea tendrils, just to sexxx it up?
ka-bada-boom, in my mouth.
taste explosions go off, and just like that,
i'm in heaven at the breakfast nook.
y'wanna know the weirdest part?
i had myself that baby bowlful of vegetarian baked beans,
from a can!
awwwwwww, man.
it's true.
even those green onion sprankles couldn't make me feel better about it, though,
and they got the sadness award for least inspiring piece of the puzzle.
i figured it was likely to be better to use 'em up
than to let them languish in the cupboard another day.
the jury is hung on the wisdom of that decision, however.
even with that little stumble in procedure,
the main body of my brunchly buffet of big action was DOPE.
who doesn't like that?
that's who.
i'm no jerk, and that's no joke.
so, we're still on track for sustenance and success.
good food in my life,
clear skies overhead,
warmer times and brighter days ahead.
that's what's up over here on this sweet springtime berfday.
it's all really happening,
that's sort of the whole point, y'know?
real life, unfolding in every direction at once.
some folks might call that chaos,
but i prefer to thing of it as controlled demolition.
creative destruction is the best kind.
it's a prefect circle, a complete cipher, a closed solution set.
it's winter into spring without a single flower in sight,
and it's the way it goes, harder than the hardest styles,
but still inexorably slogging forward
just because it HAS to;
never quiet, never soft.....

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