Wednesday, March 15


wrapped stuffed rolls of righteous awesome?
yes, please.
y'ever head of a braciole?
they used to go in the sauce pot, back in the olden days,
when my ma would make the meat sauce.
it's been a minute since i effed with that syuff,
but i always remember it was a bigger deal when she
put them in there, as opposed to other dead body parts.
here's the thing-
where i'm from, 
with the heavy anglicized sicilian dialect of bastardized italian
that dominates the tongues and lips of southern connecticut,
that word is pronounced brah-zh-y'all.
you can call it what you like, neighbors,
i'm calling it a veganized success!
normally it's a cutlet, rolled around a filling, braised, and seared, 
and sauteed in some sort of sauce......
and it's tied up with string, 
or in the case of some of the smaller ones, 
skewered together with a wooded pick.
i can't say i ever ate one, even if it was infusing the sauce of my childhood,
but i ca say that i've eaten the heck out of a a whole bunch of them
in new seitan roulade format!!!
check the teleport:
marzo italiano keeps me deep in the tomato-based trenches.
that's a seitan steak, un-pressed, and sliced thin, 
rolled up and around a centerline of fresh chopped fennel stalk,
and caramelized shallots,
and chopped rosemary,
and molto black pepper,
AND fried garlic sprankles.
tied off with pastry twine,
seared a bit on the sides in a hot oiled pan,
and simmered in a soupy stew of chunky tomatoes and stuff.
one cup of seitan broth, poured over browned tomato chunks,
with a few spoonfuls of minced shallot and crushed garlic,
with salt and pepper and a tablespoon of tomato paste.
it all marries together, and becomes a pretty wild sauce,
while it seeps into the seitan like they were made to meld together.
when it gets thick, and the whole house smells smazing,
they're ready to eat.
fresh parsley always adds that little something special,
so i had to add it.
and the fennel fronds?
that's just to show off.
but, like, how good were they?
every single ingredient is delicious, 
so it seems like it'd be weird if the sum total wasn't.
and added up, that's all the stuff you want to eat,
so goodness knows that goodness was mandatory...
they were expert, obvi.
and that roasted potatoes in olive oil,
with himalayan pink crystals of salty meditation?
with that blanched broccoli rabe??
THAT was a whole bunch of awesome all by itself.
criusp chips of 'tato, 
bittersweet green leafy nutrients,
a sprig or two of basil, to freshen it up.......
i almost get upset when simplicity is so tasty.
i mean,
too much is the right amount
but when a little goes such a long way, it can't be denied,
unless you're a liarmouth.
and that's not our style, now is it?
truth tellers can never stop,
it's not a component of our infinite nature.
broccoli rabe and potatoes, tho-
that's a major component of being delicious 
the ides of march.
today is the day.
and that's not all it is.
i give the ol' marzo italiano a bit of the julius caeser treatment.
sorry about the stabs, bro,
but i'm thinking about eating something else now.
in fact,
that was always the plan.
on the ones,
nobody wants marinara on st. patrick's day, anyway.
what's on the menu?
i dunno!
that's actually the best part!
it's all really happening, 
but the specifics aren't set in stone!
what-what-say what-say what?
ANYthing can happen;
never quiet, never soft.....

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