Sunday, March 12


roman beans.
quick, quick, quick.
that's what was poppin' last night.
knowing that today was a shorter day than most,
and that the moon is about to be as full as it gets-
which is to say,
time was doing the best it can to undermine my dinnertimeline.
that's no joke.
brighter night lights,
wild, raging, savage, windswept berserker barbarian battle beastliness,
and one hour less of the few hours of sleep i was likely to get,
had i not been up in the lunatic tractor-beams bursting through every window
of the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress all night,
while me and the wind took turns howling across the halls
and the hollows deep within and without...
and as any lycanthropic misanthrope can attest-
leisure is not available under those circumstances.
not one little tiny bit.
roman beans.
quick-fast, and in a hurry, were what HAD to happen,
since homemade marzo italiano activation is still the order of the day.
i still had a tasty dinner.
i still put the garnish to it,
and i still ate two people's worth of all of it.
rules is rules, bro.
and i love to do the things that i do.
check the wolfman-type teleport:

 a big ol' onion and a handful of quartered heirloom tomatoes,
sizzling in olive oil-
plus two cloves of sliced garlic;
a small carrot, cut into thin discs, and a stalk of celery perpared the same-
that's the base of my suppertime extravaganza.
4 T white wine vinegar,
and 16 oz of plump, wet roman beans went in next,
along with basil, bay leaf, parsley, oregano, and lots of GPOP.
word up.
one 12 oz. can of chopped stewed tomatoes, hand crushed,
followed all of that into the pot,
and i simmered that whole big batch of hot veggie action
in a cup and a half of broth.
 3/4 cup of flash-frozen sweet peas completed the look,
after about 20 minutes of cooking down.
the peas got ten minutes to heat up and get nice,
while i separately boiled up a cup and half of small shells in salty water.
i dunno, kids.
i like a 'roni cooked on it's own.
i think that gives them a leg up on success.
they didn't rely on broth to carry the burden.
i still tossed them together,
but, like i said, i like what i like.......
toasted and buttered sourdough, for scooping up big heaps?
pea tendril shoots, to compliment the peas?
really smart!
and the shredded basil sprankles??
my grandma used to make me pasta piselli.
and my whole family still goes apesh!t for pasta fagioli every time.
as for me?
i wanted BOTH.
too much is the right amount, man.
when it's time to pick either/or,
i want AND/BOTH,
....and then some!
that meant i wanted pasta e fagioli e piselli,,
and i wanted a LOT of it.
lucky lucky,
i'm in charge of every aspect,
from start to finish to clean up, and beyond,
and that applies to 100% of my supper specialties,
i made it happen as i saw fit to,,
and nobody had anything contrary to say about it.
that's one good thing about cooking enough for two or three,
but not having to make anything other than autocratic decisions.
get all of exactly what i'm in the mood for.
that's almost better than not eating alone.
marzo italiano feels more like marzo antarctico!
this wind has ruined more minutes than anything else this year to date.
i'm scheduled to tattoo nothing but couples,
and/or just dudes, for the next few days on days,
while a blizzad rages,
and the skies take an icy sh!t on the woodsly world i reside in.
honestly, friends,
that's THE worst case scenario for all of those folks.
especially when coupled with a wolfen moon and this assbegotten blustery wind.
you down to gamble?
what are the odds that i'll be molto grumpy until that changes?
if i were you,
i'd put up some worthwhile money,
if we're to be betting on belligerence.
it's all really happening, and i'm only looking forward to the food.
i just effed up some hamantaschen,
so even that's not lookin' too bright at the moment.
i'll blame the wind, indirectly,
but that isn't going to make these cookies any nicer;
never quiet, never soft.....

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