Saturday, March 25


i've been on a serious blueberry kick for a little minute.
it seems that the bloobs are a regional favorite, as well.
as we are right on the maine border up here in the woodsly goodness,
there's this whole wild new england blueberry craze,
and we just happen to be at the edge of that super-site-specific treat!
i had more pastry dough than i needed over the last week.
i dunno how it happened, but i'm happy about the abundance.
you know why-
too much is the right amount.
and when there's exxxtra dough,
you've got to use it up, or you're a jerk.
rules is rules.
no pastry gets left behind, man.
a rustic galette was the first and best response i could conjure up
to make good use of the surplus of sweet and buttery big action in my fridge.
check it out, via the teleport:

that's somethin', isn't it?!
i knowwwwwwwww.
how do you make vegan mascarpone?
you add a little powdered sugar, (3 T or so)
and a big splash of lemon juice, (2 T roughly)
and a pat of vegan butter, (1 1/2 T thereabouts)
to half a tub of creamchee',
smashed together over low heat in a little pot
and voila.
it's ready.
i added blueberries in there too.
i couldn't resist,
i mean,
that purple just looks SO nice!
and with all those blueberries on top of that,
with lemon zest and raw sugar sprankles on the pre-baked,
rolled out, rough-folded circle of pastry in that cast-iron skillet?
the hottness was basically guaranteed.
and of course, cuteness always counts for exxxtra-credit,
so i just had to put those springtime flowers on top, too.
i baked that sweet babyb!tch for about 20 minutes at 410F.
i arbitrarily assign times and temperatures.
i mean,
i don't have any actual training in this stuff.
i just do what i do, and hope that the templates i've created apply
equally well to the basic bakery bits and bobs.
i like to freak off a little treat here and there and everywhere, man.
waking up to a little ovenly lovin' feels good,
and making things makes you a better person.
that's no joke.
so, here's to self-improvement.
i may do most of my dirt all by my lonely,
who else is going to make me a better version of me?
it's all really happening,
every pastry crust is symbolic, baby.
one more step in the process of personal progress.
getting better all the time is more than a good reason.
it's the path to expertism,
and it's paved with active participation.
making stuff is how it's done.
get on it;
never quiet, never soft.....

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