Sunday, March 5


oh MAN.
it's march, and it's windy, and it's really unpleasantly cold,
which is to say:
it's fewer-than-NO degrees, and that's before the chill factor gets accounted for.
yuck yuck YUCK.
the F*ing wind, neighbors.
ruining everything since forever.
there's only one solution,
and it starts with a 500F degree oven.
is it a saturday night pizza party in the subzero suck of this windtunnel?
hell yeah, it is.
nothing cheers me up more than a sexxxy pizza.
that's a fact.
and this one had a whole lotta springtime feel to it.
i needed it.
no, not because i'm incapable of enduring winters in new england.
i've never understood people who say that.
i mean,
those two weeks of wondrous, wild, beautiful autumn leaves,
which just lead to two weeks of raking leaves,
before eight months of winter kick in,
are why you stay here?
crazy talk.
go away.
in the meantime,
i needed that primavera magic to remind me that spring is always late,
and always windy,
but always pretty damned dope, too, as far as .
wind can eff up my whole mood for as long as it lasts.
the worst elemental area effect can only be fixed with pizza.
that's actually a science fact, i'm pretty sure.
pizza, though.
check the springtime-in-my-oven-type teleport:

it's got all the good stuff, in abundance.
the crust was crisper tan crisp could be,
which i attribute to the sourdough starter hibernating deep inside the semolina base.
the longer they proof, the sharper, and crunchier they become when baked.
this one was not a young little fella,
but rather a wizened and grizzled veteran of natural leavening.
and it was delicious, too.
the toppings,
after the crushed tomatoes, and caramelized onion, and daiya mozzarella were added
included the following:
arugula, asparagus, broccoli, fried garlic sprankles,
green onion, mushrooms, parsley, red onion, spinach, summer squash,
tomatoes, and zucchini!!
that's the stuff.
y'know how hard it is to stay mad at the weather,
when you're warm and snug and indoors,
and there's superior pizza nutrients coursing through your body?
it's hard.
i know i could've managed a bit more angst,
but i opted to eat more pizza, instead.
i steam-fried the brox a bit,
i sauteed the zukes and squash and asparagus together,
and i dry-fried my mushrooms, with a little salt,
and a lot of space in between them,
so that they weren't the slimy ruiners some people like.
otherwise, it's as-is veg,
and all-the-way-live crust,
and honestly, i couldn't ask for a better way to stay on it during marzo italiano.
pizza counts,
so pizza may make another 'nother appearance.
sauce and carbs and chee' and veg, bro.
all that is too dope not to do over and over.
and for that matter,
what about baked macaroni?
that's what that is, too.
sloppy pizza crumbles!
or lasagna?
again, it counts-
think of it as stacks of wet pizza.
or manicotti?
they're rolled pizza crepes, basically.
looks like i've got plenty more work to do.
isn't that always the case?
tonight may or may not be the night i make one of those things.
who knows, man, maybe i've got something else on offer?
i guess we'll all find out together.
plot twists abound in the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress.
improvisation and adaptation are the hallmarks of my kitchen laboratory.
some might call it evolution,
i call it hunger-based innovation;
never quiet, never soft.....

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