Saturday, November 26


we get fresh with our fancy pies up here in the woodsly goodness.
and you've known that for some time now.
the thing of it is-
we really like this new hottness, with the cinnamon swirls,
that takes the average everyday apple jaun way off the charts,
past that previous level eleven new-new,
and into mysterious waters on the horizons of flavor.
check the thanksgiving-pie-type teleport:
word the F* up, neighbors-
how about them APPLES?!!?!!
flaky pastry is a must.
and i get molto busy with that all the dang time.
butterish and creamchee and flour, a little sugar and vanilla to sex it up,
and just enough non-dairy milk to hold it together.
i know, i know;
we've been over this many times this month....
but, NO(thankyou)vember is a pie month.
that's a thing,
and rules is rules, a
and flaky pie crust is a must.
like i said 2x already.
the apples?
eight of those delicious local varietals,
unnamed, but exxxtra-expert.
peeled, cored, chunked, and simmered in cider and syrup,
with cinnamon and nutmeg, a splash of lemon, 
and a big ol' handful of brown sugar,
along with a punch of oats to soak up any overage of juice.
that's another 'nother must-do when you're dealing with pie for your eye.
don't let it turn to mush, and don't let your filling eff up that crust.
either you're about that pie life, or you're not.
i doubt it can be taught. 
no. really, it's innate, like instinct.
maybe you;re not a natural at pie-ing. 
hey, that's cool.
the world needs ditch diggers, duder.
the world needs better pies.
i think that's definitely a thing.
half of the pastry dough was cut up, and set aside,
for various additions-
like, 1/3 was used for maple to braid 
and another small scrap was for maple leaf accents in tribute to the kid's effort.
the rest was sliced into a rectangle,
coated in buttery cinnamon sugar, rolled, frozen, and sliced,
for those elite sweet swirled whorls of wild wonderful upgrade majesty.
heck yeah!!
i bake all my pies at 400+ fahrenheit degrees, for at least 20 minutes, 
or until the crust is golden, and the fruit is bubblin'.
damn, friends.
i do so love a good pie.
as this is really an amalgam of other techniques and approaches,
a masterpiece mashup of previous technological advances in my pie artistry,
i'll let you go back and seek out all the other info as it happened, 
throughout the archives of the last three months, if you;re so inclined.
if not,
i'll bet you'll still be able to frankenstein your own version anyway.
we don't get enough time together.
i mean, harvest and maple and i.
the moments we do have are amazing.
three people who truly enjoy each others' company,
laughing and cooking and talking about life and love and leisure together-
we're lucky.
i am especially so.
on the real,
they've got acres of people who care about them.
a full family with a steppin'-correct father and brothers and that,
plus both, or rather, all three sides of the familial treebranches 
reaching out to give a whole lot of shts about them...
......and i've just got them.
it makes sense-
they're terrific, and they're tremendously likable.
so everybody should find something to enjoy about these two.
i'm just glad they still choose to span time in the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress.
that's the best part.
they want to be here;
and for however long we get to do our thing,
we make sure it's a good time.
family togetherness is my favorite part;
never quiet, never soft.....

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