Monday, November 7


the first NOvember pizzas.
i can't believe i waited almost the whole first week to get into it.
i don't think i'm slippin',
but then again, who ever does, until it's too late??
i have had pizza this week,
i just hadn't MADE any until last night.
i remedied all the wrongs of the last few days, though,
with a pair of victual vindicators,
circled around that semolina crustiness that gives me all the feels.
the dough game these days relies pretty heavily on time.
here's how  that works-
i know i'm basically always gonna want pizza,
so i steady keep a few individually-portioned dough balls proofing in the fridge,
so that i'm never more than a few minutes away from pizza.
technically, i'm a preheated oven's length away, yes-
but the seasoned and sexxxy dough situation is present and accounted-for in my kitchen.
that's the smart-money move-
for serious-
almost anybody can make quick regular pizza dough.
and that's fine,
i mean,
if you also only like unattractive partners,
a reduced income,
a rusty white vehicle (the lowest of the low)
and sweatpants as anniversary attire,
then a budget batch of flour and water is more than adequate for your sh!tty pizza needs.
over HERE however,
we demonstrate a severe and strict style when it comes to our circles of truth.
......the long, cold proof,
and the developed flavor it creates, just simply cannot be substituted.
the dough gets going well in advance-
one and a half cups of flour
1 T wheat gluten
1 1/4 cups semolina flour
1 T salt
plus, a combination of:
1 cup warm water
1 T live yeast
1 tsp sugar
1 T flax seeds
all allowed to activate together for at least 11 minutes,
before being kneaded up into that good-good.
i give it three bulk-and-punch-downs,
over about an hour and half,
before i get it into the fridge,
where it cold cools it for at least twelve hours,
before division, and the ensuing long rechill.
is that too extra?
the results are provably expert.
check the teleport:

apples on a pizza?
yeah, neighbors.
i like a little sweetness with my savory.
crushed tomatoes, spread a bit heavy,
with daiya mozzarella and cashew-garlic custom chee',
shredded collard greens,
caramelized onions,
empire apples,
steamed asparagus,
a few tomato wedges,
and tempeh bacon sprankles.
out of the gates, at 470F, for 15 minutes,
you've got something worth writing home about.
i LOVE pizza.
i can seriously eat it every day.
and one pizza was just not gonna be enough for me, kids,
so i had a second helpful helping standing on deck,
ready to rock my socks off right away!

a white pie doesn't have to be boring.
i got daiya cheddar and mozzarella,
roasted herbed thick-slab potatoes,
seared mushrooms,
braised broccoli,
mini roma tomatoes,
homemade vegan pepperoni, sauteed in an upgraded soy/liquid smoke/paprika combo,
to juice it up,
and a whole mess of fried garlic sprankles.
too much is the right amount,
and that applies in spades to pizza.
the dough is dope.
the quality toppings are purpose-driven doses of delicious,
and this oven-stoned hard-hearted superheated hearth is what's UP.
believe it.
i'm not F*ing around when i'm in this kitchen, kids.
rather, i'm putting it down like i'm s'posed to,
and making the food i know i deserve.
i get to choose how the night goes,
and i choose level-eleven omega-hottness pizza party time.....
....for one.
it's all really happening,
it's simple, even when it's not:
just be dope, or F* right off.
that's really all there is to it-
rules is rules,
and once you get on board,
it's all immediately so much clearer-
you  DO get a choice,
but anything other than expertism is the wrong one;
never quiet, never soft.....

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