Tuesday, November 22


oats are probably my favorite grain.
that's real.
yes, i appreciate wheat,
and i surely love bread, and pasta, and pizza, 
and seitan, and thick-A* gravies,
and all the cakes and pies that rely on wheat for substance.
i consider wheat, and it's myriad berries-
hard, soft, summer, and winter-
to be it's own thing.
i mean,
i use twenty to thirty pounds of it a month,
as the base-foundation bottom-b!tch basement-level layer of all things baked.
be that as it may,
it's those oats that get me going, guys.
if i gotta get a second groaty berry-seed involved,
it's probably gonna be those oats more often than everything else.
i'm just sayin'-
they're too damned good!
i made cookies.
oatmeal cookies.
that' what that lead-in was all about.
a heavy handed application of fast and slow oats,
as well as a secret weapon i found in my travels through the teej, neighbors.
check the teleport:
c'mon, man-
that's some cutesy kyooootness, right?
i'm into that.
oatmeal cookies with chocolate covered pretzel bits are the business!
dark chocolate dipped salty pretzel sticklettes??
that's what i wanted, and i'm glad that's what i got.
the standard template exists here,
with very little variance,
yet it's still totally expert.
do it like this-
1 stick + 2 T butts
1 cup light brown sugar
1/2 tsp salt
2 tsp vanilla
3/4 cup unsweetened applesauce
3 T maple syrup
^whisked all together^
2 cups a.p. flour
1 cup fast-actin' oats
1/2 cup thick old oats
2 tsp bakey kapowder
8 oz chocolate covered salty sticks of super-hottness
^that's the basis for your cookies, man^
i got a couple more than two dozen out of the dough,
and as usual, i baked 'em at 375F for 13 minutes in a row.
easy. easy. easy.
powdered sugar and cocoa, 2:1, with a 1/2 tsp vanilla,
and soymilk in drops until it was thick as heck, 
but still drizzlifiably wet,
striped across the surfaces, too it up a level, for sure.
and naturally, i'm aware of the rules around here,
so also activated those seasonally-specific sprankles,
to make sure you know i'm in the know about NOvember.
cookies are good,
and pretzels are good,
and chocolate is really good.
that's how it is-
i doo-doo that oaten sh!t all the time,
so, with exxxtras, it's even better than my usual,
which i'm happy to report, is miles above average anyway.
wordimus prime.
it's the last day of tattshack attackin' 
before i get myself two whole days 'off' in a row.
i'll be cookin' and cleanin' and entertainin',
not to mention drivin' and doing all the other OTHER stuff i already always do-
i'll just be working harder than usual, 
and for free...
it's cool.
y'can't put a pricetag on family togetherness, anyway.
i'll have my offspring here, and we'll be prepping and reppin' on hard styles,
long nights,
cold weather,
great food, 
big laughs,
and a few days of forgetting about everything else.
i'm ready.
i just have to endure a dreadfully long day of doing a ton 
of all that everything else first.
it's all really happening,
the kids, the food, the road, the dog, the work, 
the woe, the woodsly F*ing goodness,
one hundred percent unfolding at a pace that can't be slowed or sped up.
this is all there is,
and i hope that sometime soon it somehow starts to seem like enough;
never quiet, never soft.....

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