Tuesday, November 8


...son, he said-
(free to say no more)
wait a minute, dad-
did you actually say FREEDOM?
if you're dumb enough to vote,
you're F*ing dumb enough to believe 'em....
somebody has been listening to propaghandi on blast for a few days, duders.
that somebody is me.
womp womp.
because im getting into the spirit of the thing, man!
today is assuredly going to be a real A*hole.
before all of today, and all of this nation,
go spinning into disintegrating counterproductive make-this-country-great glops
that flume and flow and flounder straight down the toilet bowl hole.....
here's some emergency tofutti from my last trip to ct:

ice cream is good, no matter what,
and that's the brightest spot i've got on offer at the moment.
i liken election day to a sportsball championship.
all the people i very precisely don't ever want to hang out with
are all pretty pumped on it,
like, extra especially super hard;
and have their lucky jerseys on,
their smug stickery 'i voted' lapels,
and the blissful state of being convinced their voice counts for something
beyond this semi-anonymous online op-ed column sh!t.
i include myself in the disparaging barrage of ballot-casting glass-houses
and stone-thrown wall building and/or glass-ceiling-wonka-elevatorism.
ready to laud or boo each tallied state's ballot count.
i'll be over here in the woodsly goodness,
buying bullets,
just like i do every four years.
i may be a vegan, but i'm not committed to pacifism.
in fact,
i'd often like to put the fist in pacifist,
as active participation, and not passive non-aggression,
is one of the cornerstones of worthy warrior poetry.
why wouldn't i vote then?
because i'm a skeptic, a cynic, AND a pessimist.
i don't CARE who you honestly think you're picking to be in charge.
the old boss,
the new boss,
the same pant suit,
a slightly different hair style,
a soundbite that sounds great depending on your level of entitlement and outrage-
here's the thing:
i'm sure they both sit down to pee.
all my bloodily do-goodery bleeding-spout-gouting uber-lefty friends
just don't understand how i can be an artist, and a smartypants,
and still not wave my big blue balloon for the democrats.
all my gun-toting camouflage-fatigued clients can't comprehend
how a capitalist, concealed-carry hard-work-ethical bigmouth isn't addressing
issues from atop the big red elephant in the room.
i don't F* with politics.
i don't really follow it,.
i vote with my wallet, not a ballot.
every day,
i'm cooking vegan food-
that's a vote for conscientious considerate compassion.
i'm paying my own way, every damned day, by way of my own labor-
that's a vote for a laissez-faire adventure-capitalist pursuit of self-made magic.
i'm making art,
i'm writing words,
i'm doing deeds,
i'm tolerating all these different dumb-dumb doo-doo butterballs
and their pennants and signs and slogans and sh!t-
i'm doing all the things i believe in every day,
and the foremost thing i couldn't give less of a sh!t about today
is who's going to be your next president.
there've been poor people, rich people,
lives that matter, lives that don't,
needy people, greedy people,
gay folks, old folks, sick folks,
do-gooders and ne'er-do-wells
since forever and ever ago-
and all that happened with and without presidents to oversee and/or overlook
all of the daily doings that unfold outwards into the ever-expanding
infinite nature of our wider waking world.
y'wanna vote?
and right after,
y'wanna do something that actually matters?
that's much cooler.
maybe it's my inner hank rearden rearing his ugly head,
but i'm most likely just going to keep doing what i do,
because that's what i do,
and the commander-in-chief,
and the laws that's levy some level of fresh taxing,
and inhibit, exhibit, prohibit, provide, or deny permissions
aren't going to determine the ways in which i continue to try my hardest
to become the best possible version of myself.
psyched for you guys and your rocking of the vote,
but i'm more psyched on albie-rocking the vote,
which is to say devoting only this missive to the undertaking,
and then baking some treats instead.
it's all really happening,
and whether you're a part y to it, or apart from it?
like it or not,
you're still a part of it.
that's the rub, and that's the truth, and that's today as the day;
never quiet, never soft.....

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