Tuesday, November 8


el lunes de los luchadores!!!
i made myself some mexican monday hottness,
in solidarity with the sons and daughters from south of here
who may have to take up some very norteamericano gringo sh!t,
like rock climbing, very F*ing soon.
everyone is an A*-hole today,
where people fail to impress me,
especially during election season,
enchiladas are always expert.
that's word.
those tubes of tastiness are never ever ever going to become
that kind of a disappointing letdown for my life and my love.
real talk,
check the enchilada-be-kidding-me-type teleport:

the light after nightfall is pure sh!t in this place,
even with softbox lumens bouncing off the walls.
turns out,
the patience it takes to illuminate and capture a super-fire plate
is less pressing than my massive appetite
after the process of making all this sh!t is finally finished.
i'm sayin',
i gotta EAT it up, even if there's poor light to picture it by.
damn. that's no joke.
fortunately, it doesn't affect the taste one bit.
the color is dubious in the photo.
sorry for the shots that i took when i was hungry.
that guacamole?
straight up SEX.
red onion, scallion,cilantro, crushed fresh garlic,
sweet orange and yellow peppers, poblano pepper, jalapeno pepper,
red chili pepper, black pepper, salt, GPOP, lemon AND lime.
plus three ripe and righteous avocados to make my whole head hum with happiness.
the refrieds?
they get big pats butterish, and diced onion, and hot peppers, and ho'sauce,
and GPOP, and nootch-boosting burly b vitamins as well.
because the have-MORE-plan makes them especially delicioso, duders.
i wanted something a little exxtra this time around,
so i boiled up some arroz amarillo,
with lots of turmeric, and garlic, and onions and lime juice-
and added peppers and cilantro and two colors of onion,
to give it that pretty pretty princess treatment.
and then i took a semi-sh!t photo.
i might've been an A*-hole by accident-
i'll admit that the high overhead spotlight makes that pic
look a lot like an old restaurant menu jaun, which IS a little neat-o.
i would've preferred natural light, as always,
but it's SO DAMNED DARK now, that's not possible unless i eat dinner at 11 a.m.
those enchiladas are the TRUTH!
flour tortillas,
filled with well-soaked cashew-based garlic-tofu under(inner)chee'
that's a cup of soaked cashews,
a block of pressed and rained firm tofu,
ground mustard
a splash or two fo soy sauce,
cayenne pepper,
four browned cloves of garlic in molto molto olive oil
tablespoons of GPOP and a handful of nootch,
food-processed together to make the meltiest mush of chee' magic on earth.
plus a blarpity blop of refried beans,
shredded spinach, cilantro, scallions, and ho'sauce,
rolled and arranged for maximum homemade gravy dispersal.
the gravy scene is crucial for albie rock enchiladas.
i WILL say that i was reminded of how much i love mexican hottness
by a recent meal posted by my dude @vegan_magic_time.
he's got the right idea,
and much better lighting.
so, being inspired,
but not wanting to totally style-bit my homeboy,
i did my thing the way i'm wont to do it.
steamed in a 350F oven for around 30 minutes,
while the rice did it's thing-
and then, baked for another 'nother 15 or so, uncovered,
with a slathering basty baste of burly SAUCE!
white onion, jalapeno, red chili, poblano, smoked paprika, \
soy sauce, GPOP, garlic, crushed tomatoes, a teaspoon of nootch,
and some water/broth to thin it out.
in basically splash of this'n'that proportions.
i'd be more precise,
but i can't because the sauce was concocted whilst attending to crabtree,
who is a very needy beast for that first stretch fo time
right when i return home to him from my day of zipzapping.
that's real.
you'll have to improvise, and improve upon, the guidelines i've provided.
or better yet, make that mole' travis came up with.
i'll bet that's the business.
today is the day.
i'm not saying i endorse any candidates,
but the likelihood of a taco tuesday follow-up
to mexican monday is looking pretty good right now.\
draw your own conclusions.
....whatever it is you think is important,
i'd probably do THAT today,
at least i would if i were you-
no matter what,
remember that your vote usually does count.
i mean, not to me,
all the other days, to lots of other folks,
it probably matters a whole lot;
never quiet, never soft.....

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