Tuesday, November 1


it's the big premier, neighbors.
it's the first day;
the debut of the worst month in the whole damned dirty dozen.
it's the only number eleven that doesn't go there, if you feel me...
november is here,
and it's here to interfere with all the good things, best parts, and nice times
that'd otherwise probably maybe be happening, 
if only it just wasn't lame-A* november.
here's the thing, though, guys.
rules is rules,
and that means two things-
the magic words had to get spat out into the universe.
that's no joke.
right outta the gates, 
and straight outta my split-open and scabbed over lips,
the polysyllabic spell that summons up some semblance 
of a superlatively serendipitous seance,
and cultivates the coincidences that foment good fortune-
y'know? yeah.
at the instant my eyes opened, and the clock registered the time as after midnight,
the superstitious word was repeated, iterated and reiterated
and rattled off in rapidfire successive staccato bursts-
rabbit! rabbit!
you know it,
you like it.
and hopefully, you said it, too.
once that's out of the way, and out in the open,
wafting on the wavelengths of spirit and memory 
that connect all of us in one way or another,
it was time to take care of the real big business of the day.
which means that secondly,
there needs to be a TREAT!
check the teleport:
these are what you want, if what you what is something expert.
i had a cup of peanut butter chocolate frosting,
to which i added a stick of butts,
and a half cup of peanut butter,
two teaspoons of vanilla,
1/2 cup of cocoa
and 1/2 tsp of salt,
and melted it all together in a pot.
i added THAT whisked concoction to
2 1/4 cups a.p. flour
1/2 cup medium flake unsweetened coconut
1/4 cup tapioca
1 cup coconut-milk yogurt
2 tsp bakey kapowder,
and a cup and change of chocolate chips.
the batter was molto thick, and borderline gummy,
but the end result was heavy, hearty, and pwerful.
350F for 30 did the trick,
and i got these baby-sized brownie bites fired right the F* up.
a little kapowdered sugs on top?
that's right, and that's IT.
i said the thing,
and i made the thing.
it ma be no-thank-you-vember,
but remember,
just because some things are guaranteed to be pure sh!t,
that's no excuse not to do what needs doing.
even with a foggy, groggy noggin', and an effed up face,
i'm all about that Folk Life,
and all the nifty little nuances that make it worth a damn.
it's here.
it's underway,
and all the dragging and lagging and lollygagging isn't gonna get it over with
any faster than thirty full days of not-so-tight nights.
don't let the doo-doo butter keep the hottness away;
never quiet, never soft.....

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