Wednesday, November 2


i knew i would be having more.
that's the level of enjoyment i'm into.
and the good news for last night's dinnertime meal preparations?
i still had one last pizza doughball-
long on fermentation, and slowly, steadily, awesomely developed,
in both gluten chains and flavorful goodness,
as it cold-proofed for days-
that's the way to do it, if you're gonna be bothered to do it, duders.
i mean,
we're already making our own dough, custom blending semolina
and added vital wheat, with water and salt, a spoonful of sugar,
a little flax for added fuel, and warm-water-activated yeast-
why not make more than we need at one go,
and let it mature into something majestic in the refrigerator?
real talk.
i KNOW i'm going to always want pizza,
so there's no good reason nor to have exxxtra dough at the ready.
i keep mine in sandwich baggies, pre-formed, and instantly available
for all my crusty circular indulgences.
i'm all about that pizza sorcery, with or without sauce.
and speaking of a sans-sauce reality-
i still didn't make any new custom cashew-garlic underchee',
so instead of pizza classico,
i went rogue, and traveled down the road to flattish bread plates.
check the rabbit-rabbit-food-type teleport:

the base is super-sesame-seeded hummus.
the hummus-based hottness of a flattie-boombattie bread is essential
to the success of a sauceless jaun.
and fortunately, in this instance, in conjunction with all the tasty toppings?
it's DOPE.
yeah, yeah, i know, i've done this before,
but this mutha-F*er had flavor for miles.
i mean, all by themselves, those roasted quartered brussies are the big bangin' boomfire,
but toss down some grilled butternut squash, too??
it takes the taste to new realms of righteousness.
that's no joke.
i got miniature roma tomato slices tossed on there,
and i dropped the last of the chick peas directly atop all of that.
there are caramelized red onions,
and some shredded spinach,
and just to elevate the overall elitism to eleven,
i blew the doors off with my trademark fried garlic sprankles.
all those viciously virtuously victual nutrients helped me heal up even faster
than my normal everyday mutant vegan healing factor ever has before.
i mean it-
the mess i made of my face is now lookin' much much closer
to my usual everyday normal ugliness,
and the holes are almost all sealed up.
personally, i'm pretty sure it's all the pizza,
but i'm not actually a doctor of medicine,
just a doctor of rock.
i love pizza.
you do too.
but pizza isn't the only thing going on around here.
there's still penty of responsible adulthood that needs catching up on.
and today,
for our foray into a little dia de los muertos devotion,
i'll be brutalizing my barbarian battle-beast in amongst the headstones of
our local ancient graveyard.
no bog deal.
it's en route to the rolling uphill battlefield we bash each other on,
as we walk uphill for ages,
and miles,
in this miserably cold november morning air.
maybe i'll bring a candle and a slice of cake,
and leave 'em for the littlest dead ones in the plot.
hopefully, crabtree doesn't douse the stones in urine first.
he's unintentionally, but reliably, disrespectful,
as his infinite nature cares very little for human societal conventions.
we're gonna skirt the edges and hems of the mortal veil,
and we're gonna traipse through the thickets and brambles of the woodsly goodness.
i'm gonna suffocate through my unblowably broken nose,
and he's gonna belligerently berate my every last nerve.
we do what we do,
and it's terrible, but it's also familiar.
this is What Is,
and it's all really happening,
in a hard frost,
on a mountain,
in new hampshire;
never quiet, never soft.....

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