Friday, November 18


holy crap!
soup is just like giving a bunch of stuff a reallllly long hot bath.
how come it makes everything taste so flippin' expert?!
on the real, neighbors-
this pumpkin soup i made?
it's the loud, fresh, thick, wet, hottness for your face!
i'm serious.
check it out:

if you use nothing but good stuff,
it makes it impossible to be bad.
i had a big ol' carrot,
a whole entire sweet onion,
two enormous cloves of garlic,
two stalks of celery,
and a fat white potato all diced and getting golden in some olive oil in a pot.
that's a start, for sure.
i added GPOP, and bay leaf,
and 4 cups of broth,
a little(very little) rosemary,
a sprig of thyme, two sage leaves, and a pinch or two of parsley,
as well as a cupful of white beans,
and almost 2 cups of pumpkin,
a splash of soy sauce,
a big cracked batch of black pepper,
and then i let it simmer for about an hour and a half.
oh, MAN!
the 'tato and the beans make it get pretty thick,
as does that creamy orange squashy pump-up,
it was the stick mixer, y'know, the immersion blender,
that made it get crazily smooooth.
the thickness is key, because brothy soups are very good,
but in NOvember?
thick soups are better.
a few posts back,
i told y'all about that sexxxy white bean sauce.
that's what's poppin' on top of that pureed pumpkin powerhouse right there.
with a heavy-handed application of fire-roasted tomato flake sprankles
generously spread across the surface.
that's the hot hot fire(-roasted) fuego your tyastebuds weren't ready for.
how can something so expert even get any better?
that homemade oatmeal sourdough toast, with soft baked acorn squash rings
is exxxactly the right way to improve upon it.
wordimus prime-
too much is the right amount,
and even the bread is elite around here.
rules is rules,
and the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress is home to active participation,
worthy warrior poetry,
and fresh-baked bread.
anything else needs to go somewhere else.
...that's what's up.
it's friday.
that's cool.
plenty of work to be done,
plenty of time to spend outside,
plenty of food to make.
i have soup,
and a half a squash,
and some other sundries to spare,
i'm still making a whole new other 'nother dinner tonight from scratch.
i'm not dwelling on the dietary dopeness of yesterday,
i'm lookin' forward,
to the future feasts that begin this evening.
i do what i do,
and largely, i do it solo.
so, if you think that i'm letting the past disappear, eventually,
into the compost of infinity, and also, the compost of my garden?
maybe you should've invited yourself over for supper.
i'm just sayin',
there are only leftovers because i physically couldn't fit
whatever remains inside of my body.
i don't intentionally waste anything,
i can't live in the past,
coasting around on the wilted laurels of already-eaten meals.
there's more to do, and i'm trying to do it.
it's all really happening,
and i'm keeping the timeline unidirectionally linear;
never quiet, never soft.....

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