Saturday, November 19


i F* with pizza pretty heavy in this 'hood, dudes.
that's real.
i mean,
at any given time,
i've got dough in the fridge, proofing;
developing huge flavor, and strong strands of gluten,
for maximum thin-crust endurance.
in this case,
it's semi-sourdough.
that's when you take half a cup of sourdough starter,
AND a tablespoon of commercially-separated single-strain yeast,
and combine them both with a 50/50 semolina/white flour blend,
add a bit of wheat gluten, a tsp of sugar, a tablespoon of salt,
and a lot of warm water, and let nature do it's thing.
the sourdough develops at a whole other 'nother rate of rise,
but the slightly sugar-fed cold-jarred rapid rise jaun does it's own thing,
and together, you get a big bulk at first,
and a timeline-defying slowly-maturing big tastiness as it matures
under the chilly auspices of the refrigerator.
i play around with my dough, yo.
i do.
i mean, it's not like i have something more important to undertake.
pizza is my reliable go-to,
and i go right to it an awful lot.
this is no exception, although in it's own right, it's exceptional.
on that, you may rest assured.
check the heavy-heavy-type teleport:

the crust is so flippin' crispy when that sourdough is present.
i mean it.
i got my custom cashew-garlic underchee' on there,
and then shredded collard green ribbons,
and some daiya mozzarella.
that was the basis for the bottom layer.
on top of that,
there's caramelized sweet onion,
and broth-braised barely-browned brussels sprouts!
from there, things got spicy-
ho'sauced and hot-paprika'd cauliflower, crisped in a skillet,
as per my predilective skillset,
and fire-roasted tomato and dried-crushed-sriracha crusted,
sriracha-sauce-and-vegenaise glazed seitan strips!!!!!
all on it's lonesome, my homemade seitan is pretty expert.
but, covered in homemade hotter hottness?
it takes the flavor all the way to eleven.
and then,
to back off of te boomfire, and eventual bumbum-fire,
i tossed down a few orange sweet grape tomatoes.
no crushed tomato sauce this time,
i drizzled some of  that all-purpose amazing white-bean puree on there,
just to make certain that what i was eating weighed a ton,
but mostly because of all the mutha-F*ing nutrients i'd packed on!!!
i baked this mean mama-jamma at 465F, for like 15 minutes,
spinning it once, as the complex convection
whisked the superheated air around within my oven,
to give the whole thing an even application of awesomeness.
don't eat boring pizza.
that doesn't mean you've gotta put everything and the kitchen sink on it-
don't be boring about it.
you get a choice.
choose expertism.
every pizza is an opportunity for greatness.
don't miss it;
never quiet, never soft.....

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