Wednesday, February 8


i make cute food.
not always, mind you;
but not never, either.
i like a little cutie on my plate.
is that a problem?
i hope not,
because i'm gonna share it with you.
galettes are really flippin' good.
that was established here at the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress a ways back.
and tarts?
well, who doesn't like tarts?
....probably A*-holes, that's who.
here's the thing.
if we could make something kind of like both,
but much cuter than either......shouldn't we get on that right away?
i thought so, too.
i had half a pie's worth of dough chilling out from last week's apple jaun,
and i put it to good use in the early hours of the morning.
wanna see what i made?
check the three-flavor-type teleport:
so kyooooooooot.
i got a dozen of 'em, starting with 3" circles rolled from  >1/4" thick dough.
(i assume if you want the recipe for that bad enough, 
you'll scroll through past posts, but i could be wrong.)
a half a teaspoon of strawberry jam,
precisely four pieces of those big dark baking chocolate chunks,
and some powdered freeze-dried strawberry spranks.
that's all of phase one.
folded over in the same direction, 
and pressed in the corners to keep 'em together,
popped in the freezer for five minutes,
and then baked for twenty minutes at 410F.
the chocolate is melty, the jammie-jam is gooey, 
those dusted berry bits are melded with the buttery pastry,
and all of that is pretty much expert
that's not where we get off the ride, neighbors.
c'mon, now-
you know better.
too much is the right amount.
that's why i also activated a little more of that powdered berry goodness,
along with a splish of lemon, a splash of soymilk, 
and a punch of powdered sugar,
to make that pinkish crazy glaze down the diagonals.
that's deliciously simple, but exponentially worth it.
and on top of that?
MORE berry glitter,
and microplaned shaved german chocolate melties!!!!
holy sh!t.
you want this.
heck, you probably want to use a whole piecrust recipe,
and make even more.
it's cute, and more importantly, they taste like the royalty.
chocolate, strawberry, buttery pastry.
all three are dope.
all three work well together.
all of them are gone already.
there were only a dozen, and they weren't very big.
i took down four in just seven bites.
i'm like that.
i didn't think it'd happen to me.
i mean,
generally, i do what i do as hard as i can, 
as often as possible
forever and ever and ever.
as it just so happens,
and it could very well be environmental factors at work, here)
i'm kind of cooked-out at the moment.
maybe it's sleeplessness, coupled with whatever else....
who knows?
i just can't think of what i want to eat, man.
and that doesn't happen that often.
i gotta bake up something bangin' for tomorrow.
rules is rules.
but first,
i've gotta think of it.
it's not exactly a problem.
only, when you're used to it all coming naturally,
the lack is very obvious.
it's like writer's block, with more flour and beans and sh!t.
i'm about to walk my dog, and brainstorm in the aftermath of a snowstorm.
it's all really happening,
and i s'pose we'll have to wait and see how it turns out;
never quiet, never soft.....

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