Friday, February 24


you should really eat more pizza, man,
it's much easier on your constitution.
long days, hard styles, and the promise of longer nights
all adds up to one thing:
am i out here altering my mood with marinara?
am i elevating my serotonin and sh!t with sourdough and semolina?
damned straight.
is there a correlation between caramelized onions and care and compassion?
i do believe that to be the truth.
is seitan a stress-reducer?
i know i'm much more relaxed after eating it.
if you aren't out here in this wide waking wonderfully wild world,
acting all wild'd out like a worthy warrior poet,
contributing to the paeans and prosaic power of active participation,
the lightning striking viking sh!t that makes everything matter more,
the spirit and memory of gratitude and generosity,
and all of that battle-beastly bad business,
then the least you can do is eat more pizza.
word up.
i'm doing my best to do my part to improve the surroundings i find myself in,
AND to tune up a ton of pizza while i'm at it.
last night,
i broke out the first of four sourdoughs,
and let the crust rise while i preheated my oven to a toasty 490F.
as you already are well aware,
here's the thing-
i pretty much always want pizza.
i only someone out there could capture my lust and passion
half as fully as a good apizza always has-
the levels of expertism we could achieve would go well beyond eleven,
it's pizza that never lets me down,
whereas these trife hoes ain't loyal.
oh, c'mon.
i didn't choose this thugged-out 'za-life.
i was born into it in fire and blood an' that.
for the record, that's no joke.
check out what i got into last night for dinner:

underchee' made it's triumphant return to my crusts.
and guys,
i've gone over my slow proof semi-semolina sourdough so many times,...
i'm gonna skip it just this once, like it or not
but, i did scissor snip some seitan,
and dust it up in crushed herbs and arrowroot,
before giving it a quick fry.
that's a tasty bite, bruh.
with collard ribbons over crushed tomatoes over that cashew-garlic under-thunder,
and daiya mozzarella over all of that?
caramelized onions are my topping of choice,
and coupled with the seitan, i had something especially delicious underway.
fried garlic sprankles made their presence know, to-
rules is rules in the pizza zone at the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress.
all that was left was to oil and pepper the crust, and bake it for 15 minutes.
and just to make it pretty, i HAD to cap it off with shredded radicchio and parsley.
nobody likes an ugly pizza,
even if they'll still eat it.
i choose to make dinner.
that's how i get involved in my well-being,
and how i spend my time and money-
improving my mind and my body through conscious and conscientious creativity
that's just me though....
maybe you choose to watch television and make microwaved mac'n'cheese.
i'm not the boss of you or anyone else,
so, i mean,
i guess you can do whatever you want-
i have to be honest, friends:
box mix is for jerks.
that's a decree passed down from on high.
if you wanna eat sh!tty stuff, that's your right,
but, at least make it yourself.
active participation is sexxxy.
adding spice packets and water is NOT.
get involved.
one or two less episodes of whatever who-gives-a-sh!t show will not kill you,
but a festy box of chemicals and fat certainly will, eventually.
do what you will, that's just my quick and dirty opinion;
never quiet, never soft.....

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