Sunday, February 19


spicy noodz.
straight-cut flat rice noodles.
you know the ones-
the thai-ai-ai-style drunken noodles.
and y'know somethin'?
i hate that name.
it's only a name, and not a requirement.
and the only thing gettin' sauced around here are those ricey-nicey-nices.
i made a pretty big, pretty lookin' bowl of dinnertime rainbow magic,
and i think i did ok for somebody not really feelin' the flow
from the font of vegan wellspring inspiration.
that's not an excuse, neighbors.
that's just the truth.
take a look and tell me what you think:

and of course, the noods were coated in some seriously spicy, severely sexxxy
sriracha-style basil and cilantro chili garlic sweet and sour and salty SAUCE.
it's pretty effin' good.
without a good sauce, you're just wasting time, man.
and that's NOT allowed in the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress.
what's IN this version?
it goes like this:
3 T sriracha;
2 T rice vinegar;
1 T chili-garlic paste;
2 T mae ploy sugary spicy thai blops;
1 tsp thai basil;
1 T tamari sauce;
1 tsp cilantro;
2 tsp lime juice;
1 tsp agave nectar;
black pepper;
get it whisked up, and allow it to marry all together,
so you can activate the hottness when the time comes.
a quick boiling noodoo bath, with a chilly water rinse,
and the noodles are ready to get hooked up.
but first,
i had to get some mix-ins ready.
that's important.
in a tablespoon of sesame oil, i sizzled up a half cup of sliced leeks,
thin carrot strips,
and minced jalapeno, util it all got browned up.
i tossed in a red sweet pepper and a clove of crushed garlic for the last minute.
and set that aside for later.
once the noodles were ready, in that same hot pan,
i dropped all that super-sober drunken sauce and the noodles in together,
gave 'em a minute to sizzle, and tossed all that veg right back in there.
on it's own, that'd be a fresh-to-death dinner,
but that's never been the way we do it, has it?
too much is the right amount, friends-
i had my handy mandolin slicer at the ready,
and i shaved up some radishes, and some cucumbers, and some red cabbage.
i mean,
the main body of the bowl is noodles with the sauce and those sauteed veggies,
but all around the rim,
there are super-elite extras to add awesomeness to every individual bite
that's pretty sweet.
braised broccoli made an appearance.
so did the last of my microgreens.
i had spring onion and cilantro sprankles,
because rules is rules,
and those spritzled sprigs are mandatory around here.
lastly, i wanted something hearty to chop down on,
added in among all that ribbony, crunchy stuff.
the solution?
agave-soy-glazed tempeh medallions.
boiled discs of tempeh, sizzlin' on a coconut-oiled skillet,
splashed with soy to brown up quickly,
and dusted with GPOP, for added flavor, as well as sriracha flakes,
for a little zingo zap....
then, when they are almost too brown, a little agave, and a splash of water,
and the heat reduced to medium, form the usual full-blast i always start with-
and those golden goodies will transcend traditional tastes
for something much more sophisticated.
i really do like that sort of thing.
i'm doing my damnedest to still get rad in the kitchen.
nobody is forcing me.
in fact, nobody is even around.
it's just me.
and i think that's the most important aspect.
holding fast to the principles and standards that determine the kind of man you are-
especially when it's just you on your own.
nobody would know if i phoned it in.
i'd know.
that's the thing, neighbors-
it's not what others think, feel, or expect about/from me.
it's being the version o myself that i give a sh!t about.
and not for nothin',
real-life documentarian active-participatory warrior poets
CAN'T hang out with anything but the truth.
no jokes.
i gotta eat,
and i can't eat ugly.
so, here we are:
drunken noodz and vegetable temperance.
there's work to do.
there's food to make.
there's tempeh scraps form those circles i cut that needs a purpose.
it's all really happening,
and the only way to do it,
is just to do it;
never quiet, never soft.....

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