Wednesday, February 15


when i have a spare moment,
usually in between appointments,
or during a gap where a cancellation has freed up a few hours,
i make some art just for me.
and you can be sure that when there's a site-specific season to make art for,
i'm gonna do just that.
i had just enough of a sporadically spaced-out spare-time schedule
at the studio to get into some valentine's day hearts,
in the flavor and spirit of my own dorky, dungeony, dragon-type style.
i've been working on painting faster, and looser,
and while i'm still only going to use the cheapest paints,
and recyclable scrap papers,
and these infuriatingly unreliable bags of bargain brushes,
i think that i still came up with something worth a sh!t
for all of that i tried to make it harder on myself with poor tools
and only snippets of snatched time.
that's not any kind of excuse, just sort of an artist's statement.
all my hearts are broken,
all my beauty is in the form of heart-shaped beholders,
and all of it is represented in pretty-colored pinks.
check the teleport:

that heart shape is cute to me.
here, have another one:

one big beholder, with a sloppy wet tongue.
and again,
here's a crossboney monstrous orcish one:

i dunno what else i could do to these guys,
besides maybe get better at painting.
at any rate,
i had one last little fella:

valentine hearts and hurts for nobody at all.
i do that sort of stuff.
making and making out of sheer compulsion.
i don't feel good when i make this stuff,
i feel sick if i DON'T.
a sort of poison control,
art-outlet dialysis,
or acrylic-based bloodletting-
whatever it is, i do what i do because i have to.
y'know what else i have to do?
that's riiiiiiiiiiight.
i have to eat more pizza.
word up.
check the all-by-myself-as-usual-type teleport:

so kyooooooooooooooooooooooot!!!!
i mean, on the ones,
that's kind of adorable, even just for me,
all by my home alonesome.
caramelized onions with the cutaway vegan sausagey crumble trimmings,
and daiya mozzarella, with crushed tomatoes,
on a semi-semolina, super-sourdough crunchy exxxtra-long proofed crust.
that stuff gets so much better by the end of the week.
real talk.
those sour notes turn the hottness up through the roof.
and in the festive spirit,
those heart-shaped pepperonis are accompanied by halved cherry tomatoes
and red pepper rings,
for a color-coordinated pie for my eye.
anything else to add to that?
care to hazard a guess?
rules is rule, remember....
oh! good call.
i'm proud of you neighbors.
there ARE fried garlic sprankles on there, too.
nicely done.
and all of that, in one place, for my face?
yes, indeed;
never quiet, never soft

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