Thursday, February 2


tacos are so dope.
they are.
in fact,
when i had 'em on tuesday i kept thinking to myself
as i ate the heck outta a big ol' plate of 'em:
wow, man, these are so dope.
but, for real though, they're pretty dope.
and when it's time to get frisky with the filling,
i get in the mood for some serious taco lovin'.
that's no joke.
check the teleport:

i love a soft flour tortilla, toasted slightly.
it's the best when they have those crunchy spots,
but they're still pliable enough to stretch around
an unreasonably large quantity of fulfilling fillings.
and on the ones-
too much is the right amount.
i did the thing i do, dudes.
variety is the key to staying hype on making food.
y'all can F* with that bottom-rung budget box-mix taco-seasoning-packet
hobby kit crap, with that iceberg lettuce/pink tomato/black olive/
yellow cheese chump-action diaper sauce if that's what you really want-
that's what poor people do,
and also,
it's freakin' gross.
i'll be over here in soft tacoville, rounding up the for-sure freshie-freshness.
that's more like it.
you get a choice, guys.
don't choose the yucky stuff.
that said, i got down on three each of two types of taco.
type one was the thunder-
i can't resist homemade seared seitan strips,
with smoked paprika, oregano, cumin, black pepper, cayenne pepper,
whole poblano pepper, diced jalapeno pepper, and red onion,
sizzling away in lime juice and olive oil.
i could resist if i HAD to.
but i don't have to.
and i don't want to,
and it's really muy muy delicioso for my face
when my face is getting stuffed with overstuffed tacos.
that's a thing.
with arugula for bite, cilantro,quartered cherry tomatoes,
crunchy red onion sprankles,
sliced jalapenos for ZZZING,
and sriracha-lime sour creme to blend things together.
there's a lot to consider when making expert tacos.
you don't want one flavor to ruin the others,
and you don't want them overly wet,
or overly dry.
it's a balancing act.
yeah, i know it's just a taco,
but like every other single thing in this world,
it's never just a taco.
it's a symbol.
anybody can hard-shell a sht-salad crumble-bum cheapo taco.
but it takes a whole lot more thoughtful intention to make a simple flap
of foldable floury circle into a firebrand of fireworkin' taste explosions in your mouth.
y'feel me?
it's just a gosh-dang taco,
but it's also how i'm trying to live, man.
taking something simple and making it something MORE.
and then there's a whole other 'nother flavor profile poppin' off
in those alternating pattern flipside jauns.
black beans and corn and jalapeno and GPOP, sizzlin' away in oil,
until the corn browned a bit, and the beans burst ever so slightly.
that's a nice bite, bruh.
with rainbow fiesta guacamole?
make  this right now:
1/4 red onion, minced;
2 T finely sliced scallion greens;
1/3 cup diced sweet pepper;
1/2 jalapeno chopped;
2 T poblano, minced;
1/4 cup chopped cilantro;
1 small diced red chili;
2 T lemon juice;
2 T lime juice;
3 perfectly ripe avocados, mashed;
GPOP, salt, and black pepper, to taste.
if you can't hang out with that,
you're a F*ing jerk,
and you're not invited to my house for dinner.
real talk.
beans, corn, guac, shredded purple cabbage for crawnch,
shaved radish for a tart zippy punch,
scallion sprankles,
and tomatoes to help the whole team to victory.
and you can clearly see i've got limes for garnishing,
and spritzing,
and making everything taste better.
i like custom food.
i like homemade food.
i mean, really, i just really like food.
the more i can insert a little personality into it,
the more i enjoy making and eating it.
good food keeps me company.
i mean it.
i've got a dialogue going, in a very specific language,
the entire time i'm in front of the stove.
it's a conversation.
and it's organic,
and it always ends with an agreement reached,
and sustenance provided for on more than just one level.
that's the best part.
i'm glad i chose to take charge of my daily bread,
and i'm especially grateful that it's developed into something so enriching;
never quiet, never soft.....

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