Sunday, April 28


my heart is bursting:

i mean, c'mon neighbors-
we've all seen cute babies before,
but have y'all ever seen one who was as precious as HER?
what a perfect pair of synergistic snuggglers lilli and breezy are.
i'm sayin'-
moms are pretty rad, and they do more than they might normally get credit for-
but after all our wild-ridin' rough and tumblin' times leading up to this moment,
mama pajama is in her utmost epic element with this baby.
she isn't just a mom,
she's a comprehensively concentrated conscientious communicative creator
of home and heart and unified family and financial management to the max.
but holy smokes,
as a multi-mega-mom she's suuuuuuch a F*ing good one.
and that baby is pretty awesome, as well.
turns out, mama bear has a system for making good babies.
nurture over nature, for now, at least.
and it works...
rules is rules, and you know i'm with that.
i apologize if you're just here to read about cakes and stuff.
somehow i doubt that's the case-
these people are way more interesting and important by far.
my eyes are just a little wet.
it's fine;
never quiet, never soft.....

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