Tuesday, April 9


i broke all my brushes.
i'm not making excuses, either.
i really did- all that loose, rough, sloppy paint,
over the course of twenty seven separate skulls,
has taken a toll on their bristlin' little paintcatcher hairs...
that's ok.
the project evolves into whatever it's supposed to.
they're getting even less refined, which i like.
coarse art is what i like, after all.
here's one more:

monsters and skulls and circles and all the things i always and forever repeat
over and over and over and over.
in between tattoos,
and before i left early to sleep a hundred hours, not in a row,
with my stupid phone turned ON with the volume UP,
i painted a flippin' skull, because i am reassuringly/disappointingly predictable.
i started another 'nother one, too-
that's the way i like it.
...always doing somethin' that does't really matter, probably.
art is cool and all, but we'd probably be fine without it?
i mean, i wouldn't, i guess, since i need it to pay for the water in my shower,
and the high heat tab in the house, and that propane in my oven...
so, i hope you at least think you need it, even though you literally do NOT.
that's what makes it so good-
it's fancy and unnecessary and therefore you HAVE to have it.
AMPERSAND TATTOO has all the circles in between all the right angles.
the walls look cooler and cooler and that's a good thing for the two people
who have ever taken a seat on that side of the space.
come be one more of those professional art appreciators.
it's good for you, even if it isn't essential;
never quiet, never soft.....

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