Tuesday, April 2


i powered up for a big day.
you need power when you're going to do some celebrating
and i was definitely intent on celebration.
i needed a LOT of power, and i ate a LOT of powerful foods.
the big B.
that's essential.
check it:

i don't always eat a great big breakfast-
in fact- i usually have a smoothie for breakfast.
i've done that every day for the past year.
that's no joke.
and sometimes, i also have a big dose of morning glory as well.
it's a LOT to eat, but i'm up or it-
after all,
too much is the right amount.
and that's how much i want to have all the time of everything.
i was already baking up a lawless loaf of oatmeal sourdough,
so i started roasting those large and in-charge wedges of potato in that preheated oven.
(i don't like to waste all that hottness)
a glug of olive oil, pink salt, black pepper, and time-
that's how you get golden skin-on red potatoes ready to fry up
along with some onion and GPOP and smoked paprika in a pan that's hotter'n heckfire,
with maybe a pat of smooth vegan butter to sizzle it all together.
i finished 'em off with a dash of cayenne and some scallion greens.
i mean, a lil green onion always improves the 'fries.
i judge breakfast by the homeboyfries, guys.
you've been warned.
me and tofu are buddies.
that's real.
and exxxtra-firm is my numero uno go-to, especially for a scramble.
a tablespoon of minced onion, a glug of olive oil, a half a block of gently pressed 'fu-
that's a good start to something for sure-
but you are also gonna need Garlic Powder and Onion Powder,
and black salt and black pepper, and a shot of nutritional yeast...
i mean, otherwise it tastes like you're dumb at food,
and nobody wants that in their mouth, bro.
trust me.
i use a dash of smoked paprika and a hearty shake of turmeric, too
in this one i even tossed in a bunch of halved baby grape tomatoes-
baby grape tomatoes are sorta what i DO, it seems.
i put 'em in EVERYthing, and i enjoy them every single time.
from there moving forward,
some torn up spinach made for a nice touch at the end;
wilted in there and stirred around for exxxtra nutrients or somethin'...
i have been generous with the garnishes these days.
more lettuce and pea shoots and cilantro sprankles make me happier.
and a happy albie is pretty frickin' hard to come by...
so if a bit of extra lettuce is what does it?
let's get more wet leaves for the guy, right?
the real superhero of the morning was that AVOCADO TOAST.

fire-roasted tomato flakes!
two-tone sesame seeds!
dried shallot!
pink salt!
cracked black pepper!
agave-glazed pepitas!
neighbors, this is what gets me going.
homemade sourdough bread, made with love,
sliced and toasted and smothered in all that good stuff...
good bread makes better people.
and better people make avocado toast with tons of sprankles.
that's real.
did i eat the other half of that jaun?
rules is rules....you don't leave half a guacdrop behind, boi.
with sriracha flakes salt and pepper, it took the overkill mandate of
the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress to eleven.
being prepared for a big day means overdoing it.
and a big B is the prefect means of activating all your inner expertism.
i know it, so i do it, and the results are tangible.
april, though.
it's twenty degrees, the sun's out, and all these birds have suddenly appeared outside,
making all sorts of chirps and cheeps and peeps and whistles.
spring is colder than i thought it'd be, but that's fine.
the loud, fresh, hardness that's slapping me in my face is keeping it all
pretty tight and bright at a professional level of awesome.
i'm ready for all the things.
or at least, they're gonna be here in a hummingbird's heartbeat....
and that's really fast.
the light outside is lifting my inner self up,
and the cold can't numb it enough to make me worse.
that's the best part of this month-
no matter how cold it's still getting bright bright brighter every damned day.
here's to a better me, and better days, and longer ones that feel fast and easy;
never quiet, never soft.....

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