Saturday, April 13


i drew on a tattoo from a very specific reference,
almost certainly originally drawn by a girl tattooer on an ipad-
why do i say that?
because i saw the drawing on the screenshot on the phone
taken from whatever pinterest board it came from,
and that's what it looked like.
i didn't trace it-
i drew it on with a marky-marker,
but i was definitely lookin' at somebody else's hard work while i did it.
here's the thing-
i don't know if i'm an A-hole if i do that.
and of course i didn't keep the reference to show you any and all differences-
but, i did take a picture:

she even insisted on the moon on the head that was totally on the other one.
i'm not making fun.
not one bit.
this client always brings cool tattoos that other people have already.
and i always draw them up on my own,.
i'm just sayin', twenty years later i'm still doing fancy street shop tats.
y'know why?
because a grand don't come for free, neighbors.
i've noticed that there are a LOT of vegan tattooers
doing their thing in southern new hampshire...
heck, there's three or four doing it in this town up here in the woodsly goodness.
what i'm wondering though is if half of my repeat clients even know i can draw.
i'm mostly serious.
i mean, they sit there and watch me draw right on them,
but it's usually from a picture of somebody they'll never meet's tattoo.
unless it's those trees on a forearm.
half of the chainsawin' boot-boogers up here want that one.
and that's cool too.
i guess i'm just the dude who doctors-up the recipe
whenever it comes to premade pinterest zips,
and it's left to me to go freestyle in the kitchen only for now....
that's What Is, so that's what's up;
never quiet, never soft.....

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