Thursday, April 4


whole foods.
no, not the store.
the actual ingested comestibles, man.
i like those.
dudes, the ingredients are just the name of the thing-
like snap peas? what's in those? literally just snap peas.
and they're freakin' delicious.
check it:

lettuce, pea shoots, radishes, carrots, cucumbers, red cabbage,
tomatoes, cilantro, scallions...
the fire-roasted tomato salsa?
that's just a bunch of veggies, too!
who would have thought a bunch of stuff that just is what it is could be so expert?
everybody who is a hippie or very poor or both, apparently.
that's a thing.
steamy broccoli?
i like that stuff. it's tolerable raw, but a little bit of hot wet air makes it so much better.
that's no joke.
and quinoa, with red lentils, AND baby spinach?
come ON. that's those level eleven grainy gains right there, kid.
y'all don't even be knowin'.
but i be knowin'.
...and when there's a little room for one more thing?
seared olive-oiled sweet potato is the right answer!

that soft sweet sexxxiness is essential to the overall effect.
i can't believe a bowl of mostly green things made me so psyched.
but it totally did.
and i had two of 'em.
i did.
because i can't help myself, and besides-
too much is the right amount.
uh huh.
drivin' and swearin' and sweatin'.
that's my move.
i have this journey in front of me.
and it's a wild ridin' whirlwindin' round-trip into the slipstream
of spirit and memory.
i have a little girl that needs her dad tonight.
that's so weird because she's so big,
but that's what's happening.
my heart hurts about all of it.
there's an itty bitty baby waiting in the wings to premier he whole head-
there's a my big baby girl waiting in the wings over by stage left,
ready to sing her heart out-
there's even a bigger, but shorter one writing papers or whatever on her own....
plus the woman i love, and her kids.
maybe i didn't help make them exist,
but want to help with guiding into the future,
and have a positive impact on their continued existence;
and then there's this dumb dog who has nobody else,
and also has special needs in addition to basic needs...
i really do feel the weight, and the wait, and it feels like it weighs a ton.
i have so much love for all these ladies, and a small gentleman or two.
it's big.
it's real.
it's a whole entire wide world inside a very small circle of people;
never quiet, never soft.....

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