Saturday, April 6


my daughter maple was a dancing queen in the cheshire high school production
of the musical mamma mia, with all those abba jauns in it-
for real, though-
not everyone can dance, or sing, but she did both equally well,
and it was one of those teary-eyed moments for me as a parent, for sure.
it was a heck of a trip, but it was worth it.
seeing her so happy, and so good, was like medicine for all of us in the family.


man, i love this kid.
she's really had the chance to bloom on her own this year.
we all see it, and couldn't be prouder.
i showed up at her house,
and then she drove off and met me before she headed over
to the early pre-performance rehearsal,
to observe our favorite tradition.

emergency tofutti.
cookies ' creme and strawberry,
with rainbow sprankles.
rules is rules.
and we do this little scoop-up scene whenever i'm in town.
legit, it's year nine of that being the mandatory stop.
if we can make little things mean more,
then all our time together becomes effortlessly important,
even when it's just in the ice cream cone zone.
i love seeing my children.
i saw my ma, i saw their ma, i saw her ma, man, i saw so many moms.
i'm grateful for all the people who come together to celebrate the kids.
i'm lucky i could make the trip,
and that the new baby waited patiently, and didn't upstage her big sister.
they're all already cooperating, from without and within.
this is it-
and that's all there is to it;
never quiet, never soft.....

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