Friday, April 19


a jag-yoo-arr.
a jag-warr.
a catman, man.
that's what i did yesterday.
and i made it extra complicated.
i had four separate spotted cat deity reference pictures to work from,
and i mixed them all together in a too-many-lines forearm zapper.
check it:
i'm into it.
we're working on a large project, 
and each of these pieces gets a little baby bit more intricate with the lines and designs.
i like that.
if you need some, come get some, because i have some.
AMPERSAND TATTOO is just such a good place to get creative, neighbors.
i feel it when i walk in, and i let it flow all dang day long.
i'm not comfortable in every environment, 
but i'm definitely nestled right at home in my expert avocado-colored den of dopeness.
that's where it all really happens, 
and that's where i've been drawing daruma and triceratops for our future freshness.
this is it, and that's that;
never quiet, never soft.....

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