Sunday, April 7


if you know me,
you know i love socks.
if you've been tattooed in the summertime,
and disbelieve me on that?
well, i admit that i do go barefoot from may to september, for sure-
but from october through april,
y'boi is out here with his feet totally wrapped in stretchy fabric.
i've gotten socks as gifts before.
i always appreciate it.
some have been better than others, but all of them got worn,
and my toes were psyched to have the consideration.
here's the thing-
i just got a pair of THE most thoughtful and well-intended socks.
i mean it.
check the teleport:
crabtree as socks?
what's better than my best boi on some happily printed woven foot-tubes?
not much.
where did these little tootsiewraps come from?
that beautiful baby-mama knows me well.
she's not always right about me, but when she's right on,
it's righteous and rewarding and she makes me feel F*ing awesome.
these just showed up out nowhere.
like, she ordered them and got that handsome picture and made that happen,
and now i'm out here with the best new pair of paw and bone accented yellow bananaflaps
for my large leg-end flippers.
i'm very grateful.
i dunno much of anything really,
but i'm pretty sure i know what kindness feels like.
now, do i even deserve little treats?
who can say for sure?
i'm on the fence, personally, as i know myself better than most, i thik.
i do feel lucky that i was in somebody's thoughts.
enough so that they did something about it.
that's a big deal.
crabby socks.
that's great.
she's great.
it takes a dedicated somebody to give a sh!t about me,
and give me a present of a custom-made ANYthing 
with images of dog they don't even like,
just because they know he's important to me.
i think it'd be weird to get her a sweatshirt with a picture of me on it.
i mean, she'd probably get salsa on my face 
and make it look like i had a picante rash condition or somethin'.
complicated calamities.
that's what we are.
and together we're definitely complicated,
and explicitly contentious about what the future is lookin' like.
this morning,
it's lookin' like my dog and i are walking off into the woodsly goodness
chilled to the bone and about as tired as anybody could be.
that's rough.
the sun is out, the sky is blue, the air is cold, and the day is young....
that means there's a lot still possible today,
and i'll have my milkyboi sox on so even if i'm walking all alone,
i'll still be steppin' correctly;
never quiet, never soft.....

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