Wednesday, April 3


where is she?
who is she?
why is she waiting so long to show up?
who is she?
here's what we DO know-
she's an itty-bitty baby getting big and strong in a belly, bro;
and she's taking her sweet time getting ready to make her grand entrance.
we're all very excited to meet her, but it sure seems like she's not feelin'
any pressure to pop out into this early chilly april weather
and finally see the whole gang of guys and gals who've eagerly been anticipating
her big debut..
it wasn't yesterday.
so there's that.
i saw the other small kids, tho-
and we jumped on the trampoline and walked farther than their little lazy legs
have probably ever managed before-
...but still no baby.
my four-legged loser, crabtree was at home tryin' to die on a steady diet
of rocks and sticks...
i swear that everybody is all wild with spring fever.
there's so much less snow than there was;
although it's gonna snow up here in the mountains again today.
um, yeah. that's a thing that happens in the woodsly goodness.
i am enjoying the extra light.
and i'm really feeling better about my days-
mostly because they're longer and i can fit more into 'em.
that's what i need...
i took the extra hour of brightness
(after i got home and attended to crabby and his problems, obvi)
was whip up a batch of fresh soft tacos for my face.
check 'em:

y'boi was up here at the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress getting expert on some tofu.
that's right.
i had my patented homemade fire-roasted tomato salsa.
my old traditional salsa fresca is dope, but this stuff is tiiight af.
a little spicy, a lotta flavor, and all the richness of texture and body
that you could ever want.
here's a recipe.
i had that spicy tangy sweet and salty escabeche, with carrots and garlic and onions.
that's the business.
enough cider vinegar to cover two carrots,
two sliced cloves of garlic, and a little bit of onion,
with a small spoon of raw sugar, and another of pink salt-
all boiled and infused and activated with that acidic marinade....
and really, it's truly F*ing awesome.
if you don't eff around with quick mixed pickled veg?
then you aren't getting the most out of your taco times.
wordimus prime.
you know i toasted the tortillas.
rules is rules.
and they're soft flour jauns, because those are the best ones.
i got lettuces, cilantro, pea shoots, microgreen sprankles,
and jalapeno;
plus sliced baby grape tomatoes because those are my favorite,
as i've recently mentioned.
that's a lot of cool crisp vegetable happiness.
i ALSO fired some AVO-F*ING-CADO on top,
AND some habanero ho'sauce for exxxtra spice.
i'm not afraid of flavor, bro.
that's why i had lime for each and every taco, too.
i'm sayin'.
there's no good reason not to go overboard.
too much is the right amount y'know?
and after all of that hottness,
there's still spicy chipotle tofu, too.
half a block of exxxtra-firm tofu, batoned;
2 T minced red and green pepper;
1 T fresh jalapeno;
1 T sweet onion, minced;
1 clove crushed garlic;
2 T finely chopped cilantro stems;
1 tsp chipotle flakes;
1 tsp smoked paprika;
1/2 tsp cayenne;
1 T lime juice;
1 T olive oil-
sizzled all of that in a hot pan util all the bits of veg are browned up,
and the juices have soaked fully into the tofu.
it doesn't take long, and you can cook 'em up as crispy or as soft as you like.
i like them right in the middle...
did i toss some GPOP and some oregano in there and roll all of it together?
i wanted MORE flavor. i needed more ingredients.
i added salt and pepper, and the i feasted my whole fat head on all four of these,
plus a handful or ten of crispy corn chips with exxxtra escabeche and salsa.
like a rebel F*ing yell.
i do that;
never quiet, never soft.....

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